PixelNFT -  324 x 196 PNFT


What is PixelNFT.art? Well, this is a great milestone and progress of NFT. Each pixel is an NFT. aka PNFT. Which NFT community is strong, they should draw something.

How to get Pixel(PNFT)? In order to ensure a fair launch, Claim is completely free, and a Block can only claim 5 PNFT at most. After claim stage, you can only go to the market to buy other PNFTs.

How to change the color of PNFT? Change Color: Simply, when that PNFT belongs to you, you can change it. We use Hex #RRGGBB code. You can directly interact with the smart contract or use the Change Color function we provide.

How big of this map? This map has a total of 63504 units, which is 63504 PNFTs. The exact pixel is: 1296 x 874, but in fact, each PNFT is 4 Pixels, you will get: 324 x 196 PNFT if you truly read the map.

Development roadmap? After all PNFT has been claimed, we will start PixelDAO and auction a pixel portrait at an appropriate time (should be 2021/12/02)

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