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Mfers is a 10,000 item Ethereum NFT collection that minted on November 30, 2021. Each mint cost 0.069 Ethereum each. In addition to the 10,000, there are 21 1/1 NFTs (for a total of 10,021). The collection sold out in about 10 minutes.

The collection is CC0 in the public domain, meaning anyone can use any mfers for any branding purposes. The drawings are in the shape of stick figures with various attributes of "NFT degenerates" slouched sitting at their computers.

The artist Sartoshi previously released some cartoons and 1/1 art on Foundation. Some of his most popular drawings on Twitter are repurposing the "Are Ya Winning, Son?" meme. In relatable and hilarious ways, Sartoshi draws memes for the NFT and crypto community. These would later be the inspiration for his first PFP collection, mfers.

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