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MetaHero Identities are a collection of heroes, villains, and mutants native to the MetaHero Universe.


MetaHero Identities by Pixel Vault make up the foundation of the MetaHero Universe. There are two types: generative and core. The Generative Identities can be claimed by those burning a Mintpass #1. Core MetaHeroes were given randomly over to those who chose to held their Mintpass #1. The rare Core heroes offer increased benefits including profit sharing, future free mints, and better in-game performance.

A maximum of 9,678 generative MetaHeroes can exist, and 146 core MetaHeroes. There are villain, hero, and mutant MetaHeroes. Holders of MetaHeroes can stake their NFTs earn the MetaHeroes currency, $POW. 

Drop Distribution

Generative MetaHero Identities (max supply of 9,678) can be minted at any time by redeeming a MintPass #1, the signature NFT reservation system by Pixel Vault.


As a social and gaming platform, MetaHero Universe will allow supporters to be more than just holders:the community will actively build, govern, and own the Universe through the United Planets DAO (UPDAO), a central DAO controlled by each of the planetary DAOs.

Collection Guide

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