GenX by HOK


From House of Kibaa, combining AAA aesthetics with unheard of multi-platform utility, GenX is the genre-defying NFT and official PFP of the HoK multiverse. An incredible generative collection of 10,000 units.

The Lore: The 10,000 GenX are beings spawned by the scattered fragments of 10 powerful faction leaders, the GenZeroes. Explore how they fit into the lore of the GenZeroes digital series at

The NFT Utility:

1) 3D Metaverse Avatar built in Unreal Engine 5 - your digital identity in House of Kibaa’s Pocket Dimension metaverse.

2) Degen Arena Battle Card Game - The decentralized game built for the GenX collection, featuring other NFT communities.

3) GenX Metaverse Bar - Host your community and rock your avatar within the House of Kibaaa metaverse.

4) GenZeroes Universe Access - Priority inclusion to the GenZeroes lore universe featuring the first live-action NFT series/comics led by Aleks Paunovic (Hawkeye) & Paul Wight (WWE’s The Big Show).

 GenX by HOK community is unclaimed. You can claim and host it on
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GenX by HOK community is unclaimed. You can claim and host it on

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