COSMOGONY Represents a new beginning in the journey of MGOGLKTKO, it is a homage gratitude and love for life.

A 1/1 Physical wall sculpture installation that runs real time graphics and a Dynamic NFT.

The NFT reflects the physical installation, each emotion is enhanced through the color skin, represented as a weather condition phenomena that changes throughout seasons. For a period of time, the connection between the physical piece and the NFT will be in synchrony, delivering a unique piece of art.

For the next 16 + 1 generations of life in the metaverse the NFT will change dynamically every 88 days, giving birth into a new COSMOGONY collection until the cycle is over. This represents the rebirth and natural metamorphosis of the universe connected in a living “MetaWeather.” It's an ecosystem based on physical simulations, probabilities and randomization. It gives birth to continuous evolution and represents the changing of the universe and the cycles of life.

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