World of Women NFT: A Guide to the Female-Led Blue Chip NFT

World of Women NFT: A Guide to the Female-Led Blue Chip NFT

by corporate trash


World of Women NFT is one of the first NFTs to focus on celebrating diverse women and inclusivity; and it’s carried out that mission to become one of the top-selling projects on the Ethereum blockchain. World of Women’s vision is to build and inclusive web3 through its collection and community, and to increase the number of female artists and builders in the space.

Since it launched in summer of 2021, the collection has grown massively, even capturing the attention (and investments) of many celebrities, like Eva Longoria, Von Miller, and Reese Witherspoon.

World of Women was instrumental in kicking off the boom of women-focused NFT profile picture projects, including Boss Beauties, Fame Ladies Squad, Long Necktie Ladies, Crypto Chicks and more.

World of Women NFT Explained: Top Sale
World of Women Woman #5513 sold for 50Ξ on August 28, 2021.

What is World of Women NFT?

World of Women is an Ethereum NFT collection of 10,000 generative art pieces. It launched on July 27, 2021 at a mint price of 0.07 Ethereum each. By owning a World of Women NFT, you hold the commercial rights to the IP of your NFT. You also own the unique high-resolution 4000×4000 .PNG file.

Holders also get monthly “artdrops” on Polygon which matches the world (there are seven of them) that their World of Women is from.

World of Women “artdrops” collabs for holders.

The founding team was made up of four people, but the team has since expanded to nine. A majority of the team are, aptly, women. The artist and co-founder for the collection is Yam Karkai. The project’s website says that they are “passionate about increasing diversity and inclusion in the NFT community and supporting emerging artists.”

World of Women also hired Guy Oseary as their manager in early 2022. Oseary is also working with Beeple, U2, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and was recently announced to be working with Pixel Vault.

The World of Women NFT Collection

For the 10,000 World of Women NFTs, there are 189 different attributes with 11 trait categories. The most distinct part about the project is the diversity through the collection, so all types of women can see themselves in these avatars. It’s easy for people to choose which one resonates with them and their personality.

In an interview with Cryptotimes, lead artist Yam Karkai said she was greatly inspired by “bright pastel colors, the 60s and 70s art movements, strong women, and her middle-eastern heritage.”

Other than the 21 Artist Palette earrings trait, the second rarest trait is the 29 Art Lover necklaces. There are 14 different skin tones, which represent and celebrate all women.

World of Women NFT Traits
World of Women NFT Traits on MomentRanks

The collection has 5,300 unique holders and a current floor price of 7 Ethereum. There has been nearly 65,000 Ethereum in trading volume for the project on the secondary market.

There have been two large sales for the project, both around 260 Ethereum. One was at a Christie’s auction on February 28, 2022 for Woman #5672, for 567,000 GBP. The other big sale for the World of Women collection was for 260 Ethereum (about $570,000 at the time) on January 24, 2022. It was for Woman #9248, with matching WoW Coin traits for both necklace and earrings.

World of Women NFT Biggest Sale
World of Women NFT Biggest Sale for 260 Ethereum

World of Women Celebrity Holders

Many celebrities have been drawn to this project due to how it celebrates the unique attributes of diverse women. A few of these famous collectors include:

  • Eva Longoria
  • Steve Aoki
  • Shonda Rimes
  • Ros Gold-Onwude
  • Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Logan Paul
  • Dez Bryant
  • Von Miller
  • MC Hammer
  • Snoop Dogg

Amongst the celebrity holders of these NFTs, one stands out above the rest. Reese Witherspoon purchased a World of Women NFT in October 2021, and added more to her collection in January 2022. Her production studio Hello Sunshine later announced a partnership with World of Women to launch feature films, scripted and unscripted TV series. The partnership celebrates works created by women, and the missions of both collectives are well-aligned.

World of Women celebrity holders. Photo Credit:

WoW Funds and Causes

The World of Women NFT project is very involved in supporting artists, particularly women. With this in mind, The Fund was part of the plan since the very beginning. 15 percent of primary sales went to The Fund, along with 10 Ethereum worth of World of Women NFTs.

The collective has focused on acquiring 1-of-1 NFT art pieces and promoting and showcasing the artists from their collection. In fact, The Fund has supported dozens of artists since it launched alongside the project in July 2021.

21 World of Women NFTs have the Artist’s Palette earring attribute, which makes them eligible for the Curator’s Club. This exclusive club allows holder input into which artists that The Fund will support each month.

Sandbox x World of Women

In March 2022, The Sandbox Game partnered with World of Women by donating $25 million to the project over the next five years. This “World of Women Foundation” will amplify women’s voices in the metaverse, provide voxel avatars, and add many dedicated World of Women locations within The Sandbox Game.

Photo: World of Women x The Sandbox Game
Photo credit: World of Women x The Sandbox Game

Through primary sales and auctions, the collective has also donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to causes which support women. World of Women also offers a 1 Ethereum community grant to upcoming NFT projects which align with its mission. The project continues to search for new opportunities to give back to the community.


In February 2022, the World of Women decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) was founded. Nicknamed “DAWoW,” the DAO allows token holders to make decisions that affect the future of the collection. The community can submit proposals in the Discord, and all votes are public on the website.

“The DAWoW is our attempt at empowering the WoW community by giving them the right to decide on meaningful decisions,” World of Woman said on Twitter.

A World of Women Galaxy NFT allows lower power voting rights in the DAWoW.

The World of Women Galaxy Collection

In late December 2021, it was announced that a new collection would be released by World of Women in 2022. There are 22,222 World of Women Galaxy NFTs, expanding the WoW universe to more holders in a new world.

The World of Women Galaxy collection launched in March 2022, with a free mint available to World of Women holders. The rest of the collection went on public sale via dutch auction, starting at 3 Ethereum and coming down every 30 minutes. It made it down to about 1 Ethereum before it minted out quickly.

World of Women Galaxy NFTs

Owners of this project also have full commercial rights to their NFT’s artwork and IP, similar to original World of Women. However, this collection consists of all new art drawn by Karkai, the original World of Women artist. As of publishing, WoW Galaxy has 11,200 unique holders and a floor of .8 Ethereum.

TL;DR — World of Women NFT

World of Women has made major strides in the NFT space, which is largely dominated by male collectors and artists. Its community continues to grow and give back to upcoming female artists, and has found innovative ways to make its mark on the NFT community.

The collective has donated many proceeds to worthy causes, making more people aware of the power and benefits of web3 as a whole. They’ve also continued to build a standout team to continue to grow the World of Women brand.

The second collection, World of Women Galaxy, sold out near a 1 Ethereum mint price, showing that many new people were waiting for a more affordable opportunity to enter the ecosystem. Moving forward, these new members will also be eligible to vote in the DAWoW, adding more utility and value to their already valuable NFT.

With its multiple partnerships, celebrity endorsements, grants and funds, the expressive World of Women art has resonated with everyone, especially women. The project will likely be bringing more women into web3 and celebrating their successes and creations for years to come.

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