What is Gutter Cat Gang? The Membership to the Gang

What is Gutter Cat Gang? The Membership to the Gang

by corporate trash


Gutter Cat Gang has continued to claw its way to blue-chip status a year of building its passionate community and expanding with Gutter Clones.  The team has accomplished a lot in just a year since minting.

Since Gutter Cats launched their initial 3,000 Gutter Cats, there has also been expansion into various species, clone NFTs, IRL events, and collabs with mainstream brands like Puma.

These post-apocalyptic cats have spawned a community whose rallying cry of “Gang Gang” has become a common greeting on NFT Twitter. With Roadmap 2.0, the project has ambitions of creating a token, a game, and expanding their exclusive membership PFP across the metaverse.

What is Gutter Cat Gang?

Gutter Cat Gang (known as GCG) is a generative NFT PFP collection of 3,000 cats on the Ethereum blockchain. They are set in a crime-ridden world after the apocalypse in 2050. The website states they are “an underground Web3 social club where your NFT doubles as your membership token to the Gutter Cat Gang.” The floor is currently 6.4 Ethereum with about 1,800 unique holders.

GCG Team

The founding team is made up of three people, according to the Gutter Cat Gang website. They are known to the community as Gutter Ric, Gutter Dan, and Gutter Karlee. Dan later decided to fully dox, and some other members of the team have partially doxxed.

Gutter Cat Gang Team

GCG Mint

The original GCG collection minted on June 8, 2021, for a cost of .07 Ethereum each. It was initially criticized by some in the community for copying the style of Bored Ape Yacht Club, which had minted out about a month beforehand. Thousands of BAYC, CryptoPunk, and GCG-inspired NFT collections would soon follow.

Gutter Cat Gang’s supply is much less than BAYC — 3,000 instead of 10,000. This was one of the first post-BAYC PFP collections to have a substantially lower supply than BAYC or CryptoPunks.

Gutter Cat Gang Mint Note

The launch itself was also marred by going live at a different time than initially communicated, which initially slowed the progress. Regardless, the collection sold out in less than 10 minutes.

The team soon refunded those who lost more than 0.03 Ethereum in gas fees when trying and failing to mint Gutter Cats.

Gutter Cat Gang Traits

The cats are made up of 125 possible traits across nine different categories — Background, Eyes, Mouths, Hats, Shirts Earrings, Necklaces, Fur, Beards. The rarest fur is gold tattoo. Two hats are the rarest traits of all, with just 11 each: BTC and Horny hats.

The Gutter Cat attributes are in the style of popular streetwear and memes.

The highest GCG sale at the time of this post was for this sixth-rarest cat #2860. It is a gold tatted cat with a gold earring and gold chains. The buyer paid 58.8 Ethereum for it, but later sold for 45 Ethereum.

Gutter Cat Gang Highest Sale
Gutter Cat Gang Highest Sale — #2860

Gutter Species: Second Tier Membership

While Gutter Cats remain the top level of membership, the Gutter Species are the second tier of Gutter memberships. These species are 3,000 each.

In July 2021, GCG announced that the second species would be Gutter Rats. All GCG holders were able to claim one Gutter Rat for free.

Following this, the team introduced Gutter Pigeons and Gutter Dogs as the third and fourth species. Everyone with a Gutter Cat and Rat in the same wallet could claim either a Species 3 or 4 Mint Pass (at the time, the species were not disclosed). The rest were given to either Cat or Rat holders and via public sale.

Gutter Cat Species — Pigeons, Dogs, Rats
Gutter Species

The traits for Rats, Pigeons, and Dogs brought new visuals to the collection. There are even two 1-of-1 NFTs for Pigeons and Dogs, each of which is the record sale for each species (30 and 40 Ethereum respectively). The top selling Gutter Rat has green tattoos and sold for 10 Ethereum.

Gutter Dog NFT 1-of-1 by Gutter Cat Gang

Holders of five or more Gutter Cats are known as “Kingpins” in the GCG community. They get access to a special Discord channel. Holders of any of the “OG Species” NFTs get access to “Gutter Picks,” a popular alpha channel for community members.

ERC-1155 vs. ERC-721

Dogs and Pigeons are under the ERC-721 NFT token standard, but Cats and Rats are ERC-1155 (check out our NFT terminology guide for more on the differences). Gutter Juice and Clones are also in the ERC-721 standard.

In the Discord FAQ channel the day after Gutter Cat minting, the team stated: “We chose ERC-1155 [for Gutter Cats and Rats] because we wanted to keep the future of the Gutter as flexible as possible (e.g. potential breeding, integration with future metaverses, games, etc.).”

However, it seems the team has transitioned to ERC-721 for newer NFTs in their collection.

Gutter Juice and Clones

To bring more members into the gang, the team announced Gutter Juice and Gutter Clones in March 2022.

Gutter Juice

28,000 juices exist; 12,000 were given to existing holders of corresponding Gutter species NFTs, and 16,000 were sold via Dutch auction. The auction got all the way to the bottom price of 0.1 Ethereum.

Once the juice is used to mint a Gutter Clone of the corresponding species, it cannot be used again and is burned. Gutter Juices can be used independently, and do not require any other NFT to mint a clone.

Gutter Clones

Gutter Clones are the third tier of membership into the Gutter Cat Gang, behind Gutter Cats and Species. Holders of Juice can either put your existing Gutter species into the Clone Machine with a Juice, or use the Juice to mint random traits of that species.

Clones have highly unique new sets of traits that are “mutated” from existing ones, giving them an entirely new, high-tech look.

Gutter Clones on Momentranks
Gutter Clones on MomentRanks

The highest-selling clone so far is actually for the “juiced” version of the highest-selling Gutter Cat. Clone #1818 sold for 8.88 Ethereum in all its gold-tatted glory.

Gutter Cat Gang Roadmap

In late 2021, the 2022 roadmap was revealed. It includes a number of events, partnerships, and utility for the collection, many of which have already been executed this year.

Metaverse Plans

House of Kibaa partners with GCG to provide holders 3D versions of their PFPs to use in the metaverse. They are also working on their own metaverse and building out their gutter presence.

GCG has a 3×3 plot of land in The Sandbox game, which will be used to build Gutter City in partnership with Blaze Games. Gutter City has been alluded to many times by the team in both digital and IRL experiences.

IRL Events

The GCG has been known for their fun and interactive IRL events, whether it’s at NFT NYC, Art Basel Miami, an exclusive golf event, a merch pop-up in Chicago, or an arcade in LA. These IRL events give collectors a chance to meet up in person and expand the #GangGang ethos to more people in the community.

In 2022, the Gutter had a large presence at NFT NYC, including collabs with Stadium Goods and Puma. GutterCon 2022 was held in Las Vegas in September, with access for all holders of OG collections and Clones. Guttercon included a poker tournament, brunch, a golf outing, a pool party, and free entry to Omnia and Hakkasan night clubs on the Las Vegas Strip.

There is a Gutter Cat DAO which enables holders to vote on certain community topics, and is working on a GCG documentary. Along with IRL events, there have been multiple GCG merch drops, and partnerships with streetwear brand Diamond Supply Co. and Jugrnaut.

Gutter Cat Gang Partnerships

The team has focused on sports and streetwear brands for their key partnerships. Malik Monk — a Gutter Cat holder — wore a cat on his shoes during a Christmas Day NBA game. The shoes were commemorated in the first Gutter Kicks NFT, which was auctioned off for charity.

A partnership with Puma was announced, and GCG is co-sponsoring a basketball tournament and team which was shown on ESPN. The jersey for their team is even available to purchase.

NBA star Lamelo Ball wore a Gutter Cat on his Puma shoes in a game. The best part? The shoes were designed by a GCG community member.

Gutter Cat Art and Comics

Holders of Gutter Cat Gang NFTs have received many NFT art airdrops from featured artists. Some of these artists include Alienqueen, Mark Watts, Gring, Pop Wonder, EpicThunderCat, and Sad Girls Galaxy.

Gutter Milk Bar – Mark Watts

$GANG Token, Shop and Game

The $GANG token has been announced to launch in Q3 2022. The token will be made by Horizen Labs, the same company that worked on $APE token for Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Rumor has it that a certain amount of $GANG will be airdropped to holders of OG Species and possibly Clones. All of the tokenomics, distribution, and use cases for $GANG are still to be announced. The team has confirmed that a $GANG only shop (marketplace) will be launched, where you can buy Gutter ecosystem NFTs in $GANG.

What is DNA-2 from Gutter Cat Gang?

In September 2022, Gutter Cat Gang announced 4,000 DNA-2 Gutter Juice NFTs, which will be used to mint new DNA-2 Gutter Clones. The Juices were minted in a dutch auction, which ended at 0.3 ETH.

Two same-species DNA-1 Clones must be used alongside the same-species DNA-2 Gutter Juice to get the new DNA-2 Clone output. One of the DNA-1 Clones will be burned in the process.

Gutter Cat Gang said a small amount of “utility tokens” will be required to use the Clone Machine with DNA-2 to get a new Gutter Clone.

Minting for DNA-2 Clones using the Juices is set to begin in October.

TL;DR — Gutter Cat Gang and Gutter Clones

Gutter Cat Gang was one of the biggest NFT drops soon after Bored Ape Yacht Club minted out in early May 2021. The number of holders is lower due to the lower supply of the OG Species, but this community remains extremely tight-knit through Discord and NFT Twitter.

With the 2022 Roadmap in full swing, the community is excited for the $GANG token, more IRL events, and big-brand partnerships. GCG has set a high bar for themselves, especially since they have only existed for one year.

All of the Gutter Cats, Pigeons, Dogs, Rats, and Clones are ready to see what they have in store.

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