What is CloneX by RTFKT Studios? Nike’s NFT Avatars

What is CloneX by RTFKT Studios? Nike’s NFT Avatars

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CloneX NFT avatars are made by RTFKT Studios, a digital fashion and sneaker brand, and have risen to become a blue-chip NFT since their launch. As more people look towards expressing themselves in Web3 and the metaverse, RTFKT (pronounced “artifact”) created a strong niche, designing wearables for the digital and real world.

And it isn’t only sneakerheads who are drawn to RTFKT’s unique collections, as CloneX was also a collab with world-renowned artist Takashi Murakami.

1-of-1 Takashi Murakami CloneX NFT by RTFKT
1-of-1 Takashi Murakami CloneX NFT by RTFKT

RTFKT made headlines across the NFT space when it was acquired by Nike in December 2021. Not only was a major brand investing directly in NFTs, but it may also be the first true acquisition of an NFT company by a household name.

The acquisition was a catalyst for the space, and RTFKT has continued to deliver value to CloneX holders since the mint as they build out their universe.

RTFKT Studios Overview

RTFKT Studios was launched in January 2020 by a trio of people with technology experience in the entertainment industry. They found early success by partnering with artists like Fewocious on a hybrid NFT digital/physical drop that earned $3.1 million in March 2021.

Fewocious x RTFKT shoes NFT drop

Unlike some fashion houses which have launched NFTs and digital offerings, RTKFT’s NFTs are on the blockchain. This enables true proof of ownership and authenticity, something that the physical fashion world has challenges with. In addition to that, it unlocks ongoing royalties for designers and artists.

This is what set RTKFT Studios apart from other Web3 fashion brands, and likely what drew Nike’s attention. On December 13, 2021, Nike announced the acquisition of RTKFT Studios. This sent the values of RTFKT NFTs higher than ever, as many speculated about the value that would be added due to this news.

Imagery from the announcement of Nike acquiring RTKFT Studios

CloneX NFTs Introduction

The CloneX collection was released on November 27, 2021. It was available to anyone who held a previous RTKFT NFT. For those who qualified for the presale, they could mint two CloneX mint vials for just 0.5 Ethereum each! The vials are now selling for 29.4 Ethereum.

You could also get on the presale by holding a Meta Key Edition 2.

The remainder of the collection was going to be completed via dutch auction, but due to bot attacks, they priced it at 2 Ethereum each. It quickly sold out in a gas war.

RTKFT partnered with renowned artist Takashi Murakami for the artwork. He has done the artwork for Kanye West and Kid Cudi album covers, and has collaborated with entertainment and fashion brands all over the world. He has 2.5 million followers on Instagram as of writing.

Clone X NFTs on Momentranks
CloneX NFTs on MomentRanks

CloneX NFTs Traits

The avatars are made up of eight different DNA types across the 20,000 NFTs. These types are:

  • humans (50%)
  • robots (30%)
  • angels (8.75%)
  • demons (8.75%)
  • reptiles (1.25%)
  • undead (0.6%)
  • Murakamis (0.5%)
  • and aliens (about 0.15%).

The CloneX collection also has over 300 unique 3D traits.

RTFKT prides itself on being fashion-forward and that is why there are a huge variety of hairstyles, accessories, and clothes available. It allows collectors to find the Clone X which best represents them.

One of the most unique things about Clone X is the representation of many different backgrounds in the avatar appearances. There aren’t any explicit genders, and skin tones vary widely. In a space which has been criticized for having mostly male-presenting avatars, this attention to diversity was welcomed.

Nearly 3,000 of the collection have “Murakami Drip Traits.” This means that, unlike the rest of the collection, they are not allowed to be used for commercial purposes.

The highest sale for a CloneX avatar so far was 450 Ethereum (about $1.25 million) in February 2022. This NFT has Murakami DNA type with white octopus hair.

CloneX #4594 sold for 450 Ethereum

Clone and Pod Ecosystem

The floor of the CloneX avatars is now about 18 Ethereum, as it is the base for many other aspects of the RTFKT NFT ecosystem, backed by Nike IP. Owners of CloneX avatars were airdropped a Space Pod, a Loot Pod, and a MNLTH — an extremely high value-add just for holding one CloneX NFT.

RTKFT has made it clear that you don’t need a CloneX or Space Pod to use a Loot Pod or MNLTH, making those good entry points to the RTFKT NFT ecosystem.

Space Pods (floor: 1.75 Ethereum) are a virtual space which acts as a gallery to show off and customize your NFTs. Loot Pods (floor: 0.8 Ethereum) are an extension system which acts as additional space for your Space Pod. Finally, MNLTH (floor: 7.5 Ethereum) is a known collaboration with Nike — and it’s a mysterious box and nobody yet knows what it will do.

As of writing, all MNLTHs are the same.


TL;DR — CloneX by RTKFT Studios Explained

Although the original collection itself was impressive, the Clone and Pod ecosystem opens up even more possibilities for CloneX, RTFKT, and the Nike NFT ecosystem. The combined floor for all four NFTs is around 23 Ethereum, showing the high value that people are placing on Nike’s association with the project.

The uniqueness of these avatars and strength of their partnership with Murakami, who is now diving deeper into the NFT space, insinuates that the CloneX universe is just getting started. As people look to represent themselves in the metaverse, galleries like Space and Loot Pods will be the way to flex NFT collections and digital wearables.

Nike is one of the few large brands that has embraced the possibilities of Web3, and they’re already seeing the fruits of their labor, building out the CloneX and RTFKT universe.

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