What are POAP NFTs? And How to Mint Them

What are POAP NFTs? And How to Mint Them

by corporate trash


POAPs, or Proof of Attendance Protocol, are a fun and innovate way to show that you were part of an event or special experience. POAPs are digital collectible NFTs living forever on the blockchain to remind you of a certain experience that you participated in.

There are many use cases and benefits for POAPs, plus many well-known examples within the NFT community, some of which have some historical significance within the community. As of January 2022, over 2 million POAPs have been issued, according to the company.

Let’s find out more about what makes POAPs so much fun to collect.

What is a POAP?

A POAP is an ERC-721 NFT that is minted on the xDai chain, which is an Ethereum sidechain. This is so minting can be extremely cost-efficient for creators and collectors alike.

When you attend an event, join a club, or engage in an experience (virtual or IRL), there may be a POAP available to prove that you were a part of it.

How to Get a POAP

You can claim and collect this POAP in a variety of ways, but the most common are by getting a scannable QR code (which goes to a unique website), or by entering a secret code into a website or the POAP mobile app.

While you don’t initially need an Ethereum wallet address to claim one (an email address will do), they won’t be officially minted until you have an Ethereum wallet address to keep them in.

POAP QR code example
POAP QR code example

The example above is one that you may see at an in-person event. The issuer can limit the amount of POAPs to a certain number, making some POAPs more rare than others. The POAP will show up instantly in your collection once it is claimed.

View POAPs

You can view your collection of POAPs at app.poap.xyz by logging in with your Ethereum wallet, or you can see them on the POAP mobile app.

If you want to view a live feed of POAPs being created, you can see all of them at poap.gallery. Anyone can create a POAP on the official POAP website, choosing many options about the NFTs before they’re minted.

You may pay gas fees to migrate a POAP off of the xDai net onto Ethereum mainnet (to sell on secondary markets, for example), but most people just leave the POAP in their collection.

POAP NFT migrate to Ξ

While POAPs do have value, most of the time it is more sentimental value than financial — similar to a ticket stub, at least for the time being. Many are hopeful that some POAPs from early events associated with blue chip NFTs may have future value and utility, but that is yet to be seen.

Types of POAPs

POAPs can be commemorative, celebratory, funny, and everything in between. A POAP can be created for whatever the creator wants.

One example of using POAPs in the metaverse is this POAP machine at a Bored Ape Yacht Club event in Decentraland, which celebrated the Sotheby’s auction in September 2021. Only those who attended the Decentraland event could claim a POAP, which one day could have some future financial value or utility. At a minimum, holders can prove early adoption to the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

At in-person events, scannable QR codes give attendees a proof of their attendance, like this one below from an unofficial Cool Cats NFT meetup in LA.

POAP Cool Cats In-person NFT
Cool Cats meet-up POAP

You can even collect a POAP that goes out to certain wallet addresses for certain situations. For this Rekt Stoner Cat Minters POAP, it commemorates those who tried to mint Stoner Cats but got completely shut out in a huge gas war.

We may not have gotten the NFT we tried to mint, but we’ll always remember losing a ton of gas money from this cheeky POAP, sent out by the project creators.

Stoner Cats POAP NFT

There are even POAPs that commemorate events within the bubble of the NFT Twitter community. Where were you when influencers Beanie and Farokh made up?

POAP for Beanie and Farokh

Another use case we see are podcast creators or Twitter Spaces hosts using POAPs for their audiences based on certain episodes, which increases engagement within their communities.

Finally, the creators of POAP offer other utility for them within their ecosystem, including raffles for holders, voting based on token ownership, and more.

How to Mint POAPs

One of the best parts about POAPs are that they are relatively easy for creators to make them for their event. Approval takes 24 hours, to help prevent botting and farming of POAPs — so always submit your POAP early.

The most fun part is creating the unique artwork for your POAP. Make sure it stands out in the crowd as a badge which the public will love to flex.

POAP Minting Intstructions
Image via POAP.xyz

Creating a POAP allows you customize more than just the image, as you can limit the amount of codes, enter the dates, title, description, and location if the event is irl. You can also mark the event “Private” so that it won’t show up on the public POAP drops page — probably ideal for most events.


POAPs are an easy and fun way to introduce new people to NFTs, as it has clear utility from the moment it’s minted. POAPs can also reward early adopters for attending important events in the community — completely free. In January 2022, POAP raised $10 million to fund future development of the platform and their ecosystem.

Whether you like to attend events virtually or in person, you’ll be able to continue collecting POAPs as they invent new ways to improve them. There is definitely a bright future for the Proof of Attendance Protocol — the future is brighter than stowed away ticket stubs.

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