What are DeadFellaz NFTs? A Guide to the Zombie PFPs

What are DeadFellaz NFTs? A Guide to the Zombie PFPs

by corporate trash


Deadfellaz NFTs are one of the most popular NFT projects on Ethereum; started as a profile picture project that now has over 25,000 Ethereum traded in its main collection. Since its creation in August 2021, the PFP project has expanded to other collections, like Deadfrenz, and has collaborated with some of the top creators in the space.

A husband and wife team — Betty and Psych — are behind the art and the operations. They transitioned from corporate life to Web3 life with Deadfellaz. These zombie cartoon PFPs are distinct, unique, and fun, just like the community that the founders have built.

Deadfellaz NFT: Overview

The project is a brainchild of production agency director Betty and the lead artist known as Psych. The 10,000 PFP project launched on August 13, 2021 — Friday the 13th. They went on sale for .025 Ethereum and sold out in the same day. 2,000 were held for early supporters and giveaways and 8,000 went on sale for public mint.

These cofounders have built out a trusted team who leads engaging challenges and contests in the Deadfellaz Discord. The duo continues to lead the project and advocate for its long-term success in the space, collaborating with many other well-known NFT creators.

The collection has 300 unique traits that are randomly generated, and are in the style of a zombie-like cartoon character. There are both male and female-presenting traits, and 50 outfits are available. Unlike many collections, there aren’t too many “rare” traits on their own. The combination of traits are what makes up Deadfellaz rarity.

You can search rarity for Deadfellaz on MomentRanks, as well as see top sales and data from the collection.

Rare Deadfellaz for Sale
Rare Deadfellaz for Sale

One of the main missions of the collection is to empower holders to utilize their IP. Holders have full commercial rights to their Deadfellaz and can monetize them how they see fit. In Web3, this is a powerful advantage and is something that many popular NFT collections offer their holders.

“The Horde” (otherwise known as the Deadfellaz community members) is 6,195 unique holders strong, a very high unique holder number for a PFP collection. The current floor price of the original collection is 2.6 Ethereum, and has marched slowly and continuously upward since launch.

Deadfellaz NFT Collaborations

Due to its strong reputation as a brand, Deadfellaz has had many notable collabs with other NFT projects since its inception. This strategy introduces the collection to other communities and strengthens both of them simultaneously.

Infected S1 was a limited edition Halloween 2021 drop of 186 NFTs honoring other other artists of popular NFT projects like Habibis, Ghxsts, Cool Cats and more. The floor price of this collection is currently 1.1 Ethereum.

Deadfellaz have also done collabs with projects like Ghxsts in the style of both projects, like GhxstFellaz shown below.

Deadfellaz Ghxsts Collab

Other collabs they have done include NFast Hypercars, KnownOrigin, RaccoonNook, SekureD, and Toy Boogers.

Ozzy Ozbourne’s NFT project CryptoBats have also partnered with Deadfellaz.

Deadfrenz Launch: Deadfellaz Companion

One of the most exciting developments in the Deadfellaz roadmap was the announcement of Deadfrenz. Deadfrenz are companions for Deadfellaz throughout the metaverse. Their backstory is that they are zombie “ex-zoo animals.” The future utility of the Deadfrenz runs parallel to the Deadfellaz utility.

The supply of Deadfrenz is 13,000, each unique out of 1,400 traits (!), with 13 species. Holders of Deadfellaz and related projects each got a free or reserved mint for a Lab Access Pass, redeemable for a Deadfrenz. The rest went to public mint.

Minting took place in January 2022, and the Deadfellaz floor began its run-up once Deadfrenz were announced.

Deadfrenz Momentranks Data
Deadfrenz MomentRanks Data

The community partnered with other NFT projects to raffle off Deadfrenz Lab Access Pass spots to non-Deadfellaz holders, in order to grow the unique holders of the project. The access passes are three different levels: Regular, Hybrid, and Alpha. These provided various levels of access and odds to minting a random species, hybrid species, or 1-of-1 Deadfrenz.

The 13 species have 999 supply each with one 1-of-1 Deadfrenz. They include:

  • Tiger
  • Cat
  • Toad
  • Monkey
  • Snake
  • Bat
  • Bird
  • Rabbit
  • Dog
  • Wolf
  • Hyenas
  • Lizards
  • Hybrids

Just over 9,400 Deadfrenz have been redeemed from their Access Passes, meaning there are a few thousand unused passes still out there. The most expensive Alpha Pass (redeemable for a 1-of-1 Deadfrenz) is currently listed for 39.69 Ethereum. The regular Deadfrenz floor is 0.29 Ethereum, which you can mint a random species with.

Deadfellaz Roadmap: Metaverse Plans

Part of the roadmap 2.0 for the project was the announcement of 3D versions of the Deadfellaz NFTs being launched. Betty recently teased some visuals of these on Twitter tagging the 3D artists, and the community response was overwhelmingly positive.

A Medium post talks more about the PFP Metawrapping that they are working on. Pixel and voxel Deadfellaz are also on the way.

These 3D models are being launched so that the community can continue to gather in the metaverse. The project invested early on in a massive plot in Decentraland called Deadzone 13. This plot is only accessible by holders of Deadfellaz NFTs.

This space was home to a virtual Halloween party with NFT enthusiast and DJ Steve Aoki, who played for both Aokiverse and Deadfellaz holders. The Deadfellaz team also holds land in the Sandbox, NFTWorlds, and Nifty Islands.

Deadzone 13 is set to launch wearables, games, and more as the project continues investing in its main place in the metaverse. In addition, Deadfellaz has announced plans to get involved in Worldwide Webb with voxel-style avatars.

The Deadfellaz team plans to create and NFT wrapping contract to allow holders to choose which metaverse rendition of their Deadfella they want to represent them. The metaverse Deadfellaz will have traits that match the original art.

“Essentially, you’ll be able to transform your Deadfella PFP art into whatever metaverse style PFP you want while keeping current traits and supply intact,” the team said in a blog.

TL;DR: Deadfellaz NFTs

Deadfellaz is a unique NFT project focused on empowering holders and building a brand around their zombie PFPs. Their Roadmap 2.0 outlines many exciting additions for 2022, and the team has continued to push forward to make the roadmap a reality.

One of these plans is for a DAO aptly called “DAO of the Dead” which is centered on creators and community. Another is for the 3D avatars to be released to all the existing Deadfellaz holders.

The project’s cofounders Betty and Psych have stressed that there is a lot more planned for Deadfellaz and Deadfrenz, not limited to getting involved in music, gaming, fashion and more. These little zombie PFPs have created a strong community and show no sign of slowing down.

You can see the rarity rankings, live listings, sales, and up-to-date data for Deadfellaz NFTs on MomentRanks!

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