UFC Strike NFT Marketplace and Values: Now on MomentRanks

UFC Strike NFT Marketplace and Values: Now on MomentRanks

by Christian Hardy


The best Moments from the UFC Octagon are now on MomentRanks. We’ve added UFC Strike NFT values and marketplace tools to our site. Just like with NBA Top Shot, MomentRanks now supports UFC NFTs to help collectors stay ahead of what’s happening in the UFC Strike marketplace.

Now you can use MomentRanks to find the latest listings and buy Moments on the UFC Strike marketplace, search for Moments from your favorite fighters, and see the estimated value of your UFC NFTs.

Just search any username on UFC Strike to check the value of the account and where you rank among other UFC collectors.

UFC Strike NFT Values on MomentRanks

UFC Strike Marketplace on MomentRanks

We’re making it easier to find the UFC Strike Moments you want to add to your collection with our dynamic marketplace.

On our new UFC Strike marketplace, you can filter live listings on UFC Strike by price, fighter, serial number, event, play type, and series — just in time for the Series 1 pack drop. Each live listing will load onto our UFC Strike marketplace seconds after it’s listed.

UFC Strike Marketplace on MomentRanks

To see new Moments seconds after they are listed, sort the marketplace by Listing date (newest) in the top right. You can also set a min and max price for your search. 

Searching for a specific fighter? It’s best to choose the fighter (or fighters) and sort by Price (lowest) to find the best available Moments for the cheapest price.

The Estimated Value column factors in the serial number valuation, which can increase the estimated price of a Moment.

The “% under” on the marketplace represents the difference between the estimated value and the listing price. If the listing price is under the estimated value, the % under will be green, signaling value for that listing compared to the estimated market value. 

As always, before purchasing any Moment posted in the Marketplace Explorer, we highly recommend collectors do their own market research and evaluate the risks. Always do your own research; the marketplace does not constitute financial advice. If you see any issues with our marketplace or have any feedback, send us a message on Discord or Twitter

UFC Strike Account Values

All UFC Strike NFT collectors can check the value of their UFC NFTs and their entire collection on MomentRanks. Just search your UFC Strike (Dapper) username in the top search bar to find your account, or link your Dapper account to your MomentRanks account for easier access.

You can see your account value, total Moments owned, and where you rank against other UFC Strike collectors on your account.

UFC Strike Account Value on MomentRanks
UFC Strike Account Value

UFC Strike Moments are non-fungible tokens, meaning that each one is truly unique. Although each Moment looks the same as the next, each has a serial number that differentiates it from others, similar to numbered trading cards. The serial number often alters the market value of the Moment, especially for #1 serials, perfect numbers (#1,000/#1,000) or lower serial Moments (such as #3).

The MR Value of your collection may be higher than the lowest listing value based on the serial numbers of your Moments.

UFC NFT Moment Valuation Model

Our UFC Strike valuation model relies on past sales data and current lowest listings to estimate the price a Moment should be valued at on the marketplace.

Because sales data is not extensive for some Moments on UFC Strike, you may see some price inflation on illiquid Moments that are very limited editions. As more trends emerge from the UFC Strike marketplace over time, they will be accounted for in our valuation model.

UFC Strike NFT Market

Other UFC Strike Tools

On our Market page for UFC Strike, you can get a bird’s eye view on how the entire market is performing. Here, you can find market cap — based on the combined value of all Moments in the marketplace — and unique owners with at least one Moment, which is currently around 50,000 Moment holders.

UFC Strike NFTs on MomentRanks

We’ve added UFC Strike account valuations, an easy-to-use marketplace, and market tools to make it easy for you to collect Moments from your favorite UFC fighters.

As with any new feature on our site, we’re listening to all of you for feedback, improvements, and any bug reports. Please reach out on Discord or Twitter, and we’ll be happy to help.