What is Top Shot Score? Everything You Need to Know

What is Top Shot Score? Everything You Need to Know

by Justin Perri


NBA Top Shot has unveiled the details behind its new Top Shot Score (TSS), a replacement for Collector Score (CS), which was introduced in Series 2. These scores are meant to measure Top Shot collections to determine that collector’s access to pack drops, fan experiences, exclusive Moments, and other rewards. 

In short, the new Top Shot Score prioritizes marketplace spend, rather than assigning each Moment tier a points total like with Collector Score. You can view your Top Shot Score on the Top Shot website once you’re signed in.

Here’s what you need to know about the new model in which your collection will be measured.

Top Shot Score Explained

Top Shot Score is very simple to understand — a much needed improvement from the old method of Collector Score. The basic premise is that your TSS is calculated by taking the price paid in the Marketplace and multiplying it by 10. So $20 spent on a Moment means 200 TSS and so on. 

When a Moment is new, or pulled from a pack, an average sale price is assigned 24 hours after release (as long as there are at least five sales) — that’s the value used for the TSS. Lastly, when a Moment changes ownership, the TSS it awards resets to whichever is greatest between the acquisition cost or the current average price of the Moment. 

Early Adopter Bonus

There is also another score called the Early Adopter Bonus, which is a static bonus that will exist until the end of Series 4. This is an extra metric that Top Shot put in place to protect those who actively worked to build Collector Score. 

Early Adopter Bonus on the Top Shot Score page.

Early Adopter bonus is formulated so no existing collector will see the switch to the new system prevent them from buying packs they were eligible for through the CS method. In effect, the switch to TSS can only benefit your access.

Team Checklist Bonuses

There will also be Team Checklists, which, when completed, give you a boost to your Leaderboard score but not your TSS. There are a few different variations of the Checklist for each NBA team:

  • Team Series Checklist – 10,000 points – All players who appeared on a given team during the season a series was released. Historical releases do not qualify here. 
  • Contemporary Team Checklist – 20,000 points – All players who appeared on a given team across every series available on Top Shot. Historical releases do not qualify here. 
  • All-Time Team Checklist – 25,000 points – All players who have ever appeared on a team including historical moments.

These bonuses can add on top of each other, so completing the Team Series and Contemporary Team Checklist through Series 3 would give you 50,000 bonus points. Checklists will be updated at the end of every series, but will be locked between series.

Top Shot Team Leaderboards & Locking

Accompanying the score system transition is the introduction of leaderboards coming to the Top Shot site, which will exist for both teams and players. The only way to climb the rankings is to lock your Moments up for an extended period of time in a staking-like mechanic. 

Locking Moments adds the TSS of that Moment to your leaderboard total, but it also means you are unable to sell the Moment or use it for future crafting challenges that require sacrificing Moments to earn rewards. You will be able to use the Moment in traditional challenges. 

It’s unknown how long this lock up period might be, but the idea is to show off your fandom by committing to not selling the Moment through blockchain interaction. Locking is expected to be released in the summer in two phases.

Top Shot Score: Looking Ahead

Leaderboards and checklists are set to roll out in the coming weeks, but we also know about crafting challenges which are supposed to be here before the end of June. These new challenges will require you to sacrifice or burn Moments to get back higher caliber rewards. 

The Top Shot Community account addressed some feedback around the roll out of Top Shot Score, and the Top Shot team also hosted a Twitter Space following the launch of TSS. The Top Shot team is actively taking in feedback from the community, which could sway the future of TSS.

Until now, all challenges have allowed people to keep the components which can lead to sell offs in the market after completions. These new features that allow users to be rewarded equally across the entire platform for buying what they want to collect are great signs for the future of the platform.

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