The Complete Guide to CyberKongz NFTs, and How to Earn $BANANA

The Complete Guide to CyberKongz NFTs, and How to Earn $BANANA

by corporate trash


Cyberkongz is one of the most well-known NFT projects on Ethereum. It has been around since its mint in March 2021, marking it one of the earliest PFP NFT projects to release. In a year since, CyberKongz have continuously executed some of the most innovative ways to engage their community.

From the $BANANA token, to introducing breeding, to launching a “Play and Kollect” game on Polygon this year, Cyberkongz has evolved from their original Genesis Cyberkongz into an entire ecosystem.

CyberKongz NFT Origin Story

The original artist for CyberKongz is Myoo, who created 1,000 Genesis CyberKongz back in March 2021. The 34×34 pixel CyberKongz were priced at 0.01 Ethereum each, on sale at a time where there were not many other profile picture NFT projects out there.

From that start, they quickly built a strong community and ecosystem around their game.

The largest Genesis CyberKongz sale of all time took place in October 2021 for 208 Ethereum, about $746,000 USD at the time, for CyberKongz #445. The current floor for the project is 75 Ethereum, by far the most expensive member of the CyberKongz family.

CyberKongz on MomentRanks
CyberKongz on MomentRanks

For those who had two Genesis CyberKongz (and 600 $BANANA), they were soon able to mint one of the 4,000 Baby Kongz. These were randomly generated and act as a secondary collection to Genesis CyberKongz. Baby Kongz and original CyberKongz reside in the same collection on OpenSea, and the floor is currently 5 Ethereum for a Baby.

Before Baby Kongz are born and revealed, they are incubator NFTs first — there are some of these still available at a floor price of 9.9 Ethereum, and only 268 still exist.

CyberKongz VX
CyberKongz VX

A few months after Baby Kongz were announced, the team released CyberKongz VX. These are a 15,000 3D full-body voxel CyberKongz to be used within CyberKongz’ various metaverse platforms. These were a public mint, but were also free for Genesis or Baby CyberKongz holders. The current floor for VX are 1.25 Ethereum.


The creation and utility of the $BANANA token is one of the key reasons why Genesis CyberKongz have been and remained so popular. One can earn $BANANA by holding a Genesis CyberKongz, which yields 10 $BANANA per day for ten years. 3,650,000 $BANANA will be generated per year over the next ten years.

Utility for $BANANA

Collectors can use $BANANA to participate in the community DAO, change your Kongz’ name and origin story, and soon to purchase wearables for your CyberKongz VX. You can even use $BANANA to list and place offers on CyberKongz on OpenSea.

$BANANA was also used for breeding Baby Kongz at a cost of 600 $BANANA plus holding two Genesis CyberKongz, but all the babies have been bred at this point. By burning a certain amount of $BANANA, owners can also give their CyberKongz unique characteristics, like a name and biography. This is just one way that $BANANA is being used in the CyberKongz ecosystem.

CyberKongz $BANANA token use
CyberKongz $BANANA token use

At its current value of about $10, earning 10 $BANANA a day would yield you the equivalent of $100 USD per day. If this value remains the same, a genesis CyberKongz would yield approximately $36,500 USD a year.

At its all-time high in October 2021, $BANANA was worth $105, yielding $1,050 per day just for holding a Genesis CyberKongz.

CyberKongz in the Metaverse

The project has many plans of being a part of The Sandbox Game, a metaverse layer which allows people to play games and interact with other users in a 3D voxel environment. CyberKongz VX avatars are playable in The Sandbox Game, and owners of these NFTs also have access to the 3D printable files, many of who have printed theirs out to display IRL.

Besides CyberKongz VX, the community also owns several plots of land within The Sandbox Game. It owns a 12×12 estate called Neo Kong City, and also owns a massive 24×24 plot to build Kongz Island.

There was also a Sandbox Game auction for a large monument called “The Shrine of Truth” which CyberKongz won — they will rename it to “The Shrine of Kongz.”

CyberKongz Play and Kollect: Jungle Adventure NFT Game

The project recently released its “Play and Kollect” game on Polygon called Jungle Adventure. The game acts as a bridge to the existing tokens in the Kongz ecosystem to new applications and expansions of the universe, bringing new utility to Kongz NFTs.

According to the game documents, “The main objective of adventures is to send CyberKongz VX in crews of one to five on jungle adventure runs to gather Kongium and redeem it for prizes like the seasonal $BANANA prize pool, exclusive NFTs, and much more as we explore the jungle.”

The main goal of the game is to gather Kongium, which can be utilized to claim a part of the $BANANA prize pool, to level up CyberKongz VXs, or to exchange it directly for NFTs.

The CyberKongz team is using verifiable randomization from integrated Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) — an innovation in itself. This ensures collectors and gamers that the outcomes in the game are provably random on the blockchain.

Baby CyberKongz and Shardz

Although baby CyberKongz do not yield $BANANA, they are still a crucial part of the Kongz ecosystem. Every baby yields 10 Shardz per day. With 100 Shardz, you can claim a Charmz.

Shardz can only be yielded by Baby Kongz, which gives them exclusive access to Charmz over time. Charmz have a variety of use cases in the game to improve performance of the CyberKongz VX, and they can also be traded on the secondary market for Ethereum.

According to the team, Charmz “will play a key role in the future development of CyberKongz VX equipment system.”

TL;DR — CyberKongz NFTs

CyberKongz is truly one of the “OG” projects in the NFT space. The founders have continued to build and innovate as the project has recently hit a year of existence on the blockchain. The team has partnered with many notable NFT projects along the way, including the Metakey, Solarbots, Sandbox, and more.

Community members are intensely passionate about their Kongz, as it was many peoples’ initial entry into Ethereum NFTs.

The $BANANA token has been the blueprint for many other NFT projects to follow, even as the SEC has been investigating these types of tokens as securities. Nevertheless, utility continues to be added for the token, perhaps no more clearly than in its Jungle Adventure “Play and Kollect” game.

You can see the latest sales charts, listings, and rarity of CyberKongz, CyberKongz Babies, and CyberKongz VX on MomentRanks.

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