The Best NFT Twitter Accounts to Follow in 2022

The Best NFT Twitter Accounts to Follow in 2022

by corporate trash


NFT Twitter is one of the main sources to find NFT information in real time, and collectors spend a lot of time on the social media platform. The amount of information out there about NFTs can be overwhelming, and it can be challenging to keep up.

To make things more confusing, the NFT Twitter space is filled with “influencers” who can be helpful in finding new projects, but also promote projects which they own several of or sometimes receiving money from, acting primarily in their own interest. This can make it even more difficult to cut through the noise, the ads, and some shady characters out there.

List: The Best NFT Twitter Accounts

The following list of NFT Twitter accounts are those who currently have a good reputation in the community, who tweet helpful information and detailed threads. These may be accounts which we would recommend to our own friends if they asked where to begin on NFT Twitter. They are mostly focused on Ethereum and Flow/Dapper NFT projects, like NBA Top Shot. Some may have small follower counts, some may have larger follower counts.

Please note that this list of NFT Twitter accounts is not exhaustive, and is based on our own experience and knowledge only. The accounts on this list may participate in some activities or actions which we at MomentRanks do not condone. Please follow and take advice from NFT Twitter at your own risk — and always do your own research.

economist, @economist

You may know @economist from his deep-dive Twitter threads and thoughtful tweets about the NFT space. He recently left his full-time job to work for Pixel Vault as Director of Communications, but his tweets remain helpful and positive.

LG Doucet, @lgdoucet

LG Doucet is very talented at educating newcomers to the NFT space, and his knowledge goes way beyond NBA Top Shot into other NFTs and DeFi. He is extremely trusted in the space as the voice and founder of The First Mint, an NFT podcast and media outlet. Watch for him on a Twitter Spaces near you. LG’s brother and First Mint Live co-host Phil is another good follow, especially for Flow NFTs.

Matty, @DCLblogger

@DCLBlogger (Matty) is the founder of The Meta Key, but he also is very active on NFT Twitter. His threads are known for detail, clarity, and logical advice around crypto and NFT investing, and he is also a public speaker for many NFT events and conferences. He also posts quality educational content for NFT beginners on his YouTube channel.

Anorak, @anorak_nft

@Anorak_NFT tweets useful information about NFT projects across blockchains, and is also passionate about the Metaverse. He often tweets news about crypto regulation and other macro trends in NFTs.

Noobie, @nftnoobie

She started out tweeting about Top Shot, but now Noobie has made NFTs her full-time job. She writes blogs and tweets with clever commentary on trends in the NFT space, and is never afraid to call things like she sees them. Jelyn also works in NFTs as the Chief of Staff at gaming collectible platform

Justin Brown, @justin_brown_ts

Nobody is more passionate about the Ballerz community than Justin Brown. He tweets about Ballerz and other projects on Flow, and has helped many “whales” in the NFT community select Ballerz of their very own.

Sera, @serastargirl

Sera isn’t just a fashion designer — she’s a digital artist as well. When she isn’t making over Bored Apes in the Bored Ape Salon or creating new Juicebox Frens, she’s tweeting helpful info about NFT space trends, allowlist opportunities, and some hilarious NFT memes.

Wades, @Wades_ETH

Wades may be a “whale” in the NFT space, but his tweets are helpful to everyone from beginners to experienced collectors. He shares news and thoughts about many NFT projects and NBA Top Shot, and has been around the NFT community for quite a while.

Steph Sutto, @stephsutto

Steph has been around since early Top Shot days, and is now working full time in the NFT space for Cryptoys. Her wealth of knowledge, authenticity, positivity, and strong sense of humor makes her a standout in the community.

Jennifer Sutto, @jennifer_sutto

Known as “Jenny from the Blockchain,” Jennifer Sutto also works full time in the NFT space (like her twin sister above). Jennifer is always tweeting helpful information and her opinions about news in the community, and also has a great podcast called NFT Catcher.

Space Cowboy, @topshotfund

Don’t let the name fool you — @topshotfund tweets news and advice about the whole NFT space. They take their name from their CryptoPunk, #5974, which wears a cowboy hat and a VR headset. They also have an eye out for scammers and bad actors in the NFT space, like the thread below which exposed the “@NFT” Instagram account.

Thread Guy, @DiscoverXnft

One of the most active NFT Twitter accounts, Thread Guy is a consistent source for NFT-related jokes and memes. He’s constantly on top of what’s popular in NFTs, doesn’t take paid promos, and often tweets very informative threads on projects he believes in (and discloses his holdings). If you want more NFT meme content, look to sartoshi, the founder of mfers.

Who to Follow on NFT Twitter

If you’re struggling to find people in the NFT community to follow on Twitter, this list is a good start to branch off from. These follows aim to keep their tweets positive and productive to contribute to the space, and also keep up with the news that matters most to share it in a timely matter.

From here, you can build related follows based on suggestions or their likes. It’s always best to follow people with a consistent track record of transparency, honesty, and building.

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