Rebel Society NFT: Celebrating Women in NFTs

Rebel Society NFT: Celebrating Women in NFTs

by Justin Perri


It’s been a long time coming, but women-based NFT collections are starting to get their due respect. It’s well known that the NFT space is male-dominated and needs an emphasis on empowering lesser represented groups. One NFT project aiming to conquer that gap and support other women in their own pursuit to do the same is Rebel Society

Watch our interview with the creators of Rebel Society NFT below!

What is Rebel Society NFT?

Rebel Society is an NFT collection of 7,000 women characters created from hand-drawn elements in celebration of inspiring women. The team consists of Frida and Elric, a wife-and-husband team with a background in design and project management. The collection was minted out by collectors in January 2022.

Rebel Society NFT team
Rebel Society NFT Founders

The Rebels are a symbol of badass women who have stood up to the prosecution, discrimination, and objectification that they have faced for centuries. To paraphrase their mission statement, the project is: “a rebellion against the society that has long told girls of all ages their purpose was to smile and just look pretty.” 

The Rebel Society aims to empower women from all backgrounds that have faced these challenges, and with their NFT collection, they can do exactly that.

Rebel Society NFT art
Rebel Society NFTs

An NFT Investing in Women NFT Artists

Part of the mint price from the initial drop is already going toward sponsoring new women artists who have ambition to join the NFT community, but may need additional resources. These artists are selected with help from the community of Rebel Society holders as well as the project’s team. 

Every week you can find the project leaders — on Twitter Spaces living up to their word, shedding the spotlight on women-led projects and empowering upcoming female artists in the world of NFTs. The project also gives back to women in the space by using part of their monthly royalties to reinvest in those very projects and artists. 

The NFTs bought using these funds are then raffled off to those who already hold a Rebel. The more Rebels you own, the better chance you have to win. A great perk for those who — through this collection — are supporting a demographic that we as an NFT community need to continue to focus on.

Rebel Society Interview

60 Mints was lucky enough to sit down with Frieda and Elric, the couple who founded Rebel Society, for an interview that gives insight into their passion for social equality and the history of the project. See the full interview below!

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