NFL All Day Moments Explained: The NFL NFT Collectibles

NFL All Day Moments Explained: The NFL NFT Collectibles

by Justin Perri


If you’re reading this article, you’re likely at the beginning of your journey with NFL All Day, the NFL NFT collectible platform. Maybe you’re even buying your first NFT. Welcome! NFL All Day is an exciting new way to collect officially licensed digital collectibles from the NFL, called Moments. 

The most iconic plays and highlights — or Moments — from your favorite NFL teams and players can only be collected here. This digital collecting experience is powered by Dapper Labs and their Flow blockchain, which acts as the record keeper for the thousands of trades and transactions that occur every day.

But to get started, you’ll need to understand what a Moment is, and how to start adding them to your collection. So let’s explain NFL All Day, so you can start collecting your favorite Moments.

NFL All Day Moments Explained

NFL All Day Moments are digital video collectible NFTs that features one of the top plays or performances from the NFL season. They can be videos of a specific player, a melt of multiple plays, or even a full team play. These Moments can be any play type; there are touchdowns, interceptions, forced fumbles and big runs. 

You can collect whatever you want and that’s the fun of it all! Best of all, you can own historic and iconic Moments from NFL history — like Tom Brady’s record-breaking 7,143rd completion to Mike Evans.

Every Moment has attributes that make it different from the next. Here are the main attributes to know for NFL All Day Moments:

  • Team — All 32 NFL teams are represented on NFL All Day.
  • Player — The player featured in the Moment. Example: Patrick Mahomes
  • Tier — Rarity is indicated by tiers; Common, Rare, Legendary, Ultimate — each is exceedingly rare.
  • Set — Each set represents a curated grouping of highlights. All Moments from a certain set will also fall into a certain tier. Example: Afterburners is a rare set where “some of the fastest guys in the league turn on the jets.”
  • Play Type — Each Moment has a play type which indicates what happens in the Moment. For example: Touchdown or sack. 
  • Badge — Badges indicate that the Moment has additional significance. Current badges are: NFL All Day Debut, Championship Year, Rookie Debut, and Rookie Year. 
  • Serial Number — This Cooper Kupp reception has 8,500 editions. But there is only one #1, one #8, and so forth. Generally, lower serial numbers are associated with higher expected value on the secondary market, especially #1, perfect numbers, and jersey matches.

NFL All Day Rarity Tiers

There’s rarity involved with these Moments too, just like you would see in a traditional NFL pack of cards. Most Moments are from the Common tier, followed in rarity by Rare, Legendary, and Ultimate. 

Several sets fall under each tier; for example, the core Common set is the Base set. There are currently 10,000 serials of each Base set Moment minted in Series 1 — this currently is the largest possible mint size but as NFL All Day continues to grow we can expect that number to rise. 

There are fewer Moments in the Rare tier, which can range between mint counts of 499 (2 Minute Drill) and 1,200 (Super Wild Card Weekend) in Series 1. The core Rare set is Locked In, which is minted to 1,199. Currently, the rarest tier is Legendary, which caps at 59 serials minted for each Moment. The core Legendary set is Iconic, which were minted to 59 in Series 1.

Price and mint count are always highly linked, so expect the more scarce, harder to obtain Moments to command a higher price.

NFL All Day Badges Explained

Another aspect of rarity are the six possible badges that a Moment could possess. Many Moments will have no badges, especially those new Moments minted going forward, as more players have already had their Debut Moment.

NFL All Day Badges Explained

Here are the six badges a Moment can have, including two that are based only on the serial number.

NFL All Day Debut — The first Moment ever minted on NFL All Day for a particular player or team.

Rookie Year — Any Moment from a player’s rookie season.

Rookie Mint —  The first Moment minted in the player’s rookie year

Championship Year — Indicates this team won the Superbowl in the year the Moment is from 

#1 Serial — Marks a Moment with the #1 serial; only one exists for each Moment

Player Number — Marks a Moments with a serial number that matches the featured player’s jersey number.

NFL All Day Sets

Every Moment can also belongs to a set, with the most popular being the Base set. Set Moments all follow a common theme that is clear from the name of the set. Examples of this include ‘Get The Stop’ which features big defensive plays usually on third or fourth down, or ‘Ballhawk’ which features nice catches on either side of the ball. 

We’ve seen that there can be perks for owning complete sets on NBA Top Shot, so there might be future incentive to completing full teams or collecting a full set, but that’s yet to be confirmed.

We’ll have a full list of sets coming soon, but for now, you can reference the #about channel in the NFL All Day Discord. 

How to Buy NFL All Day Packs

There are two main ways to get your hands on Moments: Packs and the Marketplace. The Marketplace is filled with its own intricacies which deserve their own article, and we’ll cover that next week, but for now we’ll talk about packs.

So far there have been two pack types: Standard and Premium. Standard has sold at $49 and $59 dollars while Premium has sold for $249 or $269 dollars. Within these packs, collectors have odds to open Common, Rare, or Legendary Moments within a single pack. 

The difference is that a Premium pack promises a Rare moment while a standard has only a 25 percent chance to get a Rare. The premium also contains a better shot at a Legendary and always contains more Moments. 

Pack Drops

Pack drops are announced in the NFL All Day Discord and on Twitter typically days before the drop. An hour before the drop, a waiting room will open. To get a pack, enter the waiting room and wait for the announced drop time. When the drop time comes, you will be assigned a spot in line to purchase a pack. 

Once you get a spot, you can enter your email to get an email notification once it’s your turn to buy a pack.

When it’s your turn in line, you will be redirected to buy a pack with Dapper Balance or credit card. You have 20 minutes to complete your transaction before you lose your spot in line.

To this point, pack drops have been weekly and correspond to the NFL schedule. That means we have Week 13 pack drops with only Moments from the games that week. This is an interesting twist because it allows for collectors to target games they might want or maybe a more exciting week of the season. 

The inaugural season of NFL All Day is done, so we have also seen the release of Playoff packs already. These packs operated similarly to the regular season pack with the exception of promising at least one moment from that week’s playoff action. 

Since the season has ended, All Day has started releasing weekly Replay packs, going back through and distributing the remaining supply from the first drops to the collectors who might not have had access yet.

Get Started on NFL All Day

If you want to get your All Day collection started before buying a pack, check out the NFL All Day marketplace on MomentRanks to see live listings. If you’re not on NFL All Day yet, you can sign up here.

Stay on the look out for more weekly NFL All Day content and be sure to tune in to the Shot Talkin’ NFL show on Friday afternoons.

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