NFL All Day Marketplace Explained: How to Buy NFL NFTs

NFL All Day Marketplace Explained: How to Buy NFL NFTs

by Justin Perri


NFL NFTs can now be bought and sold on the NFL All Day marketplace, allowing NFL fans to collect the best highlights from their favorite teams and players. What sets NFL All Day apart from the football collectibles of the past is this ability to instantly buy and sell the Moments — this is what NFT technology allows for.

Prior to this, verification had to be a massive part of the collecting process. If you acquired a rare sports card or a game-worn jersey, it needed to be authenticated. 

NFL All Day Moments do not have this problem; If you buy a Moment from the marketplace it is legitimate, original, and limited. Once you purchase a Moment with your Dapper Wallet, it’s yours and you can sell it instantly — without needing to trust any third party.

If you don’t snag an NFL All Day pack — which always sell out — you’ll need to use the marketplace to collect your favorite Moments.

Using the NFL All Day Marketplace

The marketplace has its own website and interface separate from the regular NFL All Day collection site. MomentRanks also has our own marketplace, which allows you to see live listings from NFL All Day seconds after they are listed, and use additional filters to adjust your price range. 

NFL All Day Marketplace on MomentRanks

Each Moment shows the player’s name, position, team, the date and game the Moment took place, plus the name of the set it’s from, which varies depending on the content in the Moment. There’s also information including the Moment’s mint count, rarity, if it has any badges, how many are for sale and the cheapest price all before you even click the listing! 

The “starting at” price you see on the marketplace is the lowest listed price for that Moment. Since there are several copies of the same Moment, many can be listed at different prices.

Moments on the NFL All Day Marketplace

You can also sort through Moments on the side bar, allowing you to filter through some of the properties and rarity. It’s an onslaught of data, but data means more information for potential buyers. 

You can find what you want quickly and effectively, and see past sales — compare that to the old world of scouring eBay for the collectible you’re searching for. 

Buying a Moment on NFL All Day

Once you do select a Moment, you’re brought to a more detailed page where you can see all of the listings for that Moment. You can see which serials are listed for what price, sort by either, and make a purchase directly. You can also see all of the most recent purchases to get an idea of the market activity for that Moment. 

NFL All Day Marketplace Listings

Sometimes you will even see a little eye with a number next to it when browsing through Moments, which shows you if other users are in the process of buying that Moment. 

This is done because when you go to check out with your Dapper Wallet on a lower priced or popular Moment, you might get beaten to checkout and be met with a failed transaction.

Why do Serial Numbers Matter on NFL All Day?

Like many of the sports collectible formats before it, NFL All Day Moments are serialized. This means that the order in which they were minted is cataloged through use of a number that is publicly available. 

Moments can be very rare — such as the Ultimate tier, which will only have 10 editions of each Moment — or very common, with thousands editions of the same Moment. Regardless of the edition size, the serial number is what makes each Moment unique.

Serial Number Values on NFL All Day

Serial numbers are something that can create a difference in opinion amongst collectors. Some care little for it, others will pay a pretty penny for the right number attached to their collectible. There is, however, a general consensus that some serials carry a premium:

  • lower numbers, such as three-digits like #25 or #101
  • first-minted Moments, or #1, which get a badge
  • jersey matches, or the serial matching the featured player’s jersey, which receives a badge
  • the last mint (or perfect number), such as #10,000/10,000

You can search listings for specific serial numbers — like #69 — on the MomentRanks All Day marketplace. Just click filters, then hit the “Serial Number” drop down. Next to All Day Moments on MomentRanks, you will also see “MR Value,” which estimates the market value for your Moment based on past sales of similar serial numbers.

Some people pay no mind to serials, though the decision to do so it’s personal, and the market general sets some premium on lower numbers. The best way to enjoy NFL All Day is to collect the Moments you are happy to have as your own.

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