NFL All Day Marketplace and NFT Valuations, Now on MomentRanks

NFL All Day Marketplace and NFT Valuations, Now on MomentRanks

by Christian Hardy


For the first time, NFL All Day NFTs are now able to be bought and sold on the marketplace today. As the NFL All Day marketplace goes live, MomentRanks is adding support for NFL All Day marketplace listings, as well as the Moment and account valuations — similar to those you’ve come to love from NBA Top Shot.

The NFL is one of the largest brands entering the NFT space to-date, and we’re excited to bring you the tools you need to keep up with your All Day collection and the market. As we’re launching our NFL All Day product on the same day as the marketplace goes live, this is only the first version of our suite of All Day tools, with many more to come.

Let’s get into what we’re launching today for NFL All Day.

NFL All Day NFT Valuations

As the marketplace flips live on Tuesday, you will be able to view your NFL All Day account value on MomentRanks, including the lowest listing value and MR Estimated Value of each Moment in your collection.

NFL All Day Account Value on MomentRanks
NFL All Day Account Value on MomentRanks

NFL All Day Moments are non-fungible tokens, meaning that each one is truly unique. Although each Moment looks the same as the next, each has a serial number that differentiates it from the others, similar to numbered trading cards. The serial number often alters the market value of the Moment, especially for #1 serials, jersey matches, or lower serial Moments (such as #99).

NFL All Day Valuation Model

Our valuation model for NFL All Day Moments will be based on the trends we saw in valuing NBA Top Shot Moments. Expect the model to be conservative in values to start, as it will be based off little to no sales data — so you may see values lower than expected.

Because sales data is limited at the launch, our NFL All Day model will heavily rely on lowest listings so you may see price inflation on illiquid Moments. We’ll phase out lowest listing-based valuations in the coming weeks, as we get more sales data to inform the model.

We are always looking to improve based on user feedback. As this is the first version of our NFL All Day model, your suggestions, concerns, and comments can greatly improve our model. Please send us any feedback on Twitter or in our Discord.

NFL All Day Marketplace

Our NBA Top Shot Marketplace Explorer helps collectors find the Moments they’re looking for on the market. With the NFL All Day Marketplace Explorer, we’re doing the same for NFL Moments. On our NFL All Day Marketplace, you can see every live listing seconds after they are posted, filter for the Moments you want, and quickly buy Moments under their expected value.

Marketplace Filters

To find exactly what you’re looking for in the market, you can filter NFL All Day marketplace listings by:

  • player
  • team
  • sets
  • series
  • play type
  • rarity
  • price range (coming soon)
  • percentage under MR Estimated Value (coming soon)
NFL All Day Marketplace Filters on MomentRanks
NFL All Day Marketplace Filters on MomentRanks

Access the filters by clicking the “Filters” button in the top left, then navigating to the sidebar to choose your filters. Or you can search for any filter, such as teams (Los Angeles Rams), sets (Super Bowl LVI), or players (Patrick Mahomes).

Use the sort feature in the top right to sort live NFL All Day listings by price (ascending or descending), listing date, MR Estimated Value, or lowest listing price for the parent Moment.

NFL All Day on MomentRanks

This is only the first set of tools coming to MomentRanks for NFL All Day collectors. In the coming days and weeks, you’ll see more tools to improve your collecting experience.

Have suggestions for what you want to see next? Or feedback on the All Day features we’ve released so far? Please send us any feedback on Twitter or in our Discord. We want to build what the community wants to see for NFL All Day.