NFL All Day Historical Pack Drop 1: Moment Breakdown

NFL All Day Historical Pack Drop 1: Moment Breakdown

by Justin Perri


On April 22, NFL All Day is releasing their first ever historical packs, featuring some of the best of the NFL’s historical highlights. These packs hold the first Moments from before the 2021 NFL season to come to NFL All Day.

There are 50,000 NFL All Day packs available in the pack drop, and they will feature four different tiers of Moments, including highlights from NFL legends like Brett Favre, Randall Cunningham, Cris Carter, and Brian Urlacher. 

Let’s take a look at NFL’s first throwback Moments that are hitting the platform.

What’s in NFL All Day Historical Series Drop 1 Packs?

Each pack will cost $84 and will include four Moments per pack. These packs include 28 Common Moments minted to a maximum of 9,000 editions each, 16 Rare Moments minted to 1,000 each, and seven Legendaries minted to just 99, and finally a 1-of-10 Ultimate tier Brett Favre Moment. 

Here are some of the most notable players in the Historical pack drop:

  • Brett Favre – Ultimate, Legendary, Rare, Common
  • Brian Urlacher – Legendary, Common
  • Cris Carter – Legendary, Common
  • Randall Cunningham – Legendary, Common
  • Terrell Davis – Legendary, Common
  • Reggie White – Rare, Common
  • Ricky Williams – Rare, Common
  • Lance Briggs – Rare, Common
  • Antonio Freeman (Rookie) – Legendary, Common
  • Donald Driver – Common
  • Steve McNair – Common
  • Shaun Alexander – Common

There are many more historical players from the 2000s and before in these packs. You can see the full list of Historical Drop 1 Moments here on NFL All Day.

Brett Favre NFTs on NFL All Day

If you have seen the promotions for these new packs, you probably know the release is centered around Brett Favre. The sole Ultimate Moment available is of Favre’s incredible victory he led the 2003 Green Bay Packers to the day after the passing of his father. 

Brett Favre Promotion on NFL All Day

The Hall of Fame quarterback threw for four touchdowns and over 300 yards in the first half alone in the game. This Moment will be the rarest on the platform to date, minted to only 10, and each historical pack has a chance to pull one of the ten limited editions. It also is the first moment in the Marquee set.

As if that didn’t make the Moment special enough, it is the first ever NFL ALL DAY collectible to be narrated. Each of the ten copies is accompanied by Favre describing the epic performance, truly making this a trophy for any fan.

Legendary Historical Moments

The other prized pulls available are the seven legendary moments in the set. There’s another Favre moment in this bunch, but this time he’s in the Vikings purple and leading his new team to a clutch Against the Clock win against the 49ers in 2009.

Other names getting legendary historical Moments include Brian Urlacher, Chris Carter, Randall Cunningham, Antonio Freeman, Charles Tillman, and Terrell Davis. These Moments span from 1990 to 2009 and are from some of the most defining plays of these superstars’ careers!

New Historical Set on NFL All Day

These new Moments come from the Historical Series, separate from Series 1, and with eight more new sets as well. There is no standard historical base Moment as there is in first series of All Day Moments, so each and every collectible from these packs will be designated into one of the following brand-new sets: Against the Clock, Gridiron, Highwire, Opening Acts, Rivalries, Rookies, Setting the Bar and finally Marquee.

For this release, Gridiron and Opening Acts are Common-only sets. Highwire and Setting the Bar are Rare only — both Moments from the Rookies set will be Legendary, and only the Favre Ultimate Moment falls into Marquee set.

The remaining two sets, Rivalries and Against the Clock, will have Moments across all three standard rarity levels. We don’t know if there might be future additions to these sets, but it’s fair to imagine that there might be one day.

Throwback NFTs on NFL All Day

There’s a lot to digest with this drop, but throwback sports collectibles like this or Top Shot’s Run It Back set are some of the most coveted on the platforms. There’s something special about reliving history through the NFTs that is different from owning a Moment that comes from the most recent season or two.

Many of these plays — especially the more rare Moments — have stood the test of time, these players have remained as notable names in the legacy of the teams they played for, and now we get a chance to collect their officially licensed NFT debuts.

On the topic of All Day debut badges, multiple players have more than one Moment across different rarity levels in this release, which can lead to confusion about which is the first. All Day has cleared this up, noting that because Common Moments are always minted first, the most Common Moment of a player in a single series will receive the debut badge.

This means that if there’s a common and a rare dropping on the same day, the common will always be the ALL DAY Debut. 

Lastly, be sure to check out the NFL ALL DAY Marketplace on MomentRanks when you go to do your Historical Moments shopping after the pack drop. It’s a faster, more seamless way to integrate our powerful analysis tools into your collecting process!

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