Magic Johnson Packs on NBA Top Shot: Pack Drop Details

Magic Johnson Packs on NBA Top Shot: Pack Drop Details

by Justin Perri


NBA Top Shot announced it will be releasing Magic Johnson packs, teaming up with one of the greatest and most revolutionary point guards in NBA history. The special edition of limited Magic Johnson packs called ‘The Anthology’ will drop June 7, 2022. 

This first-of-its-kind exclusive partnership between a former NBA player and Top Shot is a massive benchmark for the platform. Only 1,600 total editions across four distinct Moments — or highlights — from Magic’s career will be available in this drop, with two more coming later in Summer 2022. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the Magic Johnson packs on Top Shot, including how you can buy one in the pack drop.

How to Buy Magic Johnson Packs on Top Shot

  • When: Tuesday, June 7, 2022, 3 p.m. EST (4 p.m. EST for General) — Queue opens one hour before drop time
  • Packs: 1,600
  • Cost: $399
  • Queues: Priority Queue – 1,200 packs (150,000 TSS required), General Queue – 400 (No requirements)

The Magic Johnson pack drop will be extremely limited. Of the 1,600 total packs that will be for sale, 1,200 will be gated behind a queue for collectors with a 150,000 Top Shot Score. This is the first priority queue to use the new TSS system, and the high entry is an effort to reward the most loyal Top Shot collectors with this chance. 

The pack will cost $399, so by essentially requiring a $15,000 market spend, Top Shot is offering the majority of these packs to those who spend the most on the platform.

If you do not have the score to enter, the final 400 packs will require no Top Shot Score to enter the general queue. This queue will have a much smaller chance to score a pack, but every collector will have a chance to get their hands on the coveted release. 

What’s in the Magic Johnson Packs on Top Shot?

Each Magic Johnson Moment will be either Rare or Legendary, and every single pack is guaranteed one Johnson Moment. There are two Rare Moments and two Legendary in the first Anthology drop, which is the first Top Shot Series 4 pack drop. 

These Moments will be the oldest highlights to appear on Top Shot to date.

Magic Johnson Rare Moments

The first Rare Moment is Magic’s game-winning fade-away, one-legged buzzer-beater over two defenders to beat the Celtics in Game 1 of the 1987 Finals, minted to 999 editions. Magic would go on to lead the Lakers to a repeat title, winning his fifth championship.

Magic’s second Rare Moment is his iconic head-fake ball-fake pass from his final championship season in 1988, minted to 499. Showing off how ahead of the game his techniques were, Magic hits a pass that would make highlights today. It can be seen in the Johnson hype trailer on the Top Shot Twitter.

Magic Johnson Legendary Moments on Top Shot

The first Johnson Legendary Moment is arguably the greatest assist in Johnson’s career. Leading the break he goes at two defenders only to go with a behind the back pass to Byron Scott who finishes with an epic dunk. Limited to just 85 Moments, this is instantly one of the treasures of Top Shot. 

Finally, Magic’s Top Shot Debut will be the rarest Moment that you can pull. Minted to just 80 editions, the most coveted NFT from the release will feature Magic as a rookie, who started as a center in Game 6 of the 1980 Finals. He would go on to score 42 points, securing the NBA title and his first of three NBA Finals MVPs.

Future Magic Johnson Moments

The fifth Magic Anthology Moment will actually be rarer than the Top Shot Debut, but it is coming later in the Summer of 2022. If you haven’t guessed, this Legendary Moment, minted to just 32 copies, will feature the iconic Baby Hook from the 1987 Finals. It will be the rarest Moment on Top Shot.

Finally, this last Magic Moment is in the Rare tier, will debut at some point over this summer in “a future set dedicated to giving a deeper dive on that legacy-defining 1986-87 campaign.” So it can likely be expected we see more historical NBA releases over the summer months, outside of Magic packs. 

Magic Johnson speaks on NFTs, Top Shot

The five-time champion and 12-time All-Star also sat down with David Aldridge to discuss his entry to NFTs for The Athletic. The article is free to read thanks to Top Shot.

In the article we get a bit of perspective on why Magic is joining the NFT space. He appears to see the future for digital tradables and felt having a relationship with the NBA made things almost too easy, and praised the Top Shot team for the partnership. 

“I already trust [NBA Top Shot]. I know how they do things,” Johnson said. “They always do it right. For me, and for them, it was a no-brainer.”

The Hall of Fame guard also sees NFTs as a new way for people to collect a part of his career and is excited to see his peers from past generations join Top Shot in similar partnerships.

“They’re really finding a new way, another revenue stream-wise, for all these players, with their image and likeness, and plays, that they can make money,” Johnson said. “That’s what I really love too — it’s not just for myself, but for all.”

The Top Shot Magic Johnson pack drop comes at a time when Johnson has been more visible in popular media thanks to Season 1 of the HBO show “Winning Time”, which chronicles the rise of the Los Angeles Lakers dynasty in the 1980s. The story of Johnson’s rookie season was the focal point of Season 1, and it has already been renewed for a second season.

Magic will be joining Top Shot for a Twitter Spaces — a live audio conversation — on May 31 to further discuss his debut on the NBA NFT trading platform. Be sure to stay tuned to MomentRanks for all the details for everything Magic on Top Shot, and lots more.