Introducing the NFT Marketplace on MomentRanks with

Introducing the NFT Marketplace on MomentRanks with

by Christian Hardy


Get ready to sweep the floor of your favorite NFT project. Today, we launched our NFT marketplace on MomentRanks in collaboration with, allowing collectors to bulk buy NFTs on MomentRanks and save on gas fees.

Buy one NFT. Buy five from the same collection. Or buy 20 from 20 different collections. It’s all possible with new marketplace functionality on MomentRanks.

Buy multiple NFTs in one transaction on the MomentRanks marketplace.

Our mission at MomentRanks is to make NFTs accessible; with the shopping cart on our site, we’re made it much easier for NFT buyers. For the first time, you can view NFT rarity and valuations in the same place you purchase NFTs.

How to Buy NFTs on MomentRanks

Loading NFTs into your cart and adding them to your collection only takes a few clicks on MomentRanks.

1. Search for an NFT Project

You can search for any ERC-721 project on MomentRanks. That includes rarity, sales data, and a live marketplace. Search for projects by using the search bar at the top of the site or in the sidebar.

Currently, only projects and listings from OpenSea are available on MomentRanks, though we have plans to integrate listings from more marketplaces very soon.

2. Click ‘Marketplace’ on the Sidebar

Once you navigate to the project you’re looking for, click the “Marketplace” tab. Here you’ll be able to view all of the NFTs and filter through traits for any ERC-721 collection.

To only see the NFTs that are currently listed, switch on “Buy Now” so it’s green. To view trait filters, click filters in the top left of the page.

In the top right for each individual NFT, you’ll see MomentRanks custom rarity rankings for that NFT. In the top left, you can see the estimated value of the NFT based on the valuation method you choose.

At the top of the Marketplace page, you can sort the NFTs by rarity, price, or listing date.

3. Click the Cart button under the NFT

Under each NFT, you’ll see a button with a cart and the active listing price for the NFT. Clicking this button will add it to your cart. You can view and remove the NFTs from your cart by clicking the cart icon in the top right.

Previously, the cart button under each NFT forwarded you to the marketplace to view the NFT listing on OpenSea. You can still go to the active listing page by clicking the OpenSea logo in the top left of the NFT.

4. Connect your Wallet and Checkout

Once you’ve chosen the NFTs you want, click the cart button in the top right, then click “Proceed to Checkout”. You can remove NFTs from your cart by clicking “remove” under the price. Once the cart has confirmed that all of the selected NFTs are still available for purchase, you can connect your wallet and check out.

Complete the transaction with your connected wallet, just as you would on another NFT marketplace.

Why Buy NFTs on MomentRanks with

Our NFT marketplace makes aims to bring collectors the best possible buying experience when they’re collecting NFTs. Here’s a few ways we are doing that.

1. Buy Multiple NFTs in One Transaction

On marketplaces like OpenSea and LooksRare, you can only buy one NFT at once. This makes it very time-consuming to buy several NFTs from a single collection.

With MomentRanks, you can add several NFTs to your cart and buy them all in one transaction. You can also buy NFTs across different collections and buy them in one transaction.

2. View Rarity of the NFTs you’re Buying

We’re all about making NFTs easier for collectors. For the first time, NFT buyers can view rarity and estimated value of the NFTs in the same place. No more getting sniped while you’re flipping between websites.

Now, you can make sure you’re getting the best deals on the NFTs you’re buying by shopping and doing research in one place. Learn more about our estimated values and rarity on our blog.

3. Save up to 39 percent on Gas Fees

Gem has quickly become the leading marketplace aggregator for a reason: they save collectors money when buying NFTs. Gem saves collectors up to 39 percent on gas compared to buying directly from NFT marketplaces like OpenSea or LooksRare.

While the difference is small when only buying one or two NFTs, the more NFTs you buy in a single transaction with gem, the more you’ll save on gas. Who doesn’t love saving their ETH?

The MomentRanks NFT Marketplace

Now, you’re ready to sweep the floor of your favorite NFT project. Filter for traits you like. Find the rarest NFT listings with our rarity rankings. Add them to your cart. Pick up NFTs from another collection you love. Checkout in a few clicks with your wallet. Save on gas fees.

It’s all made possible by As we launch this new feature, we currently only support listings from OpenSea, but look out for announcements that integrate listings from other marketplaces across the NFT space in the coming weeks.

Have fun shopping for your new NFTs!

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