Inside NFL All Day Closed Beta: The First Series 1 Packs

Inside NFL All Day Closed Beta: The First Series 1 Packs

by Justin Perri


On December 9, 2021, Dapper Labs surprised its community by releasing the closed beta for NFL All Day — officially licensed NFL NFT collectibles. There had been no hints or teases of a release date, but the creators of NBA Top Shot made good on its promise of debuting the new NFL collectible platform before the end of 2021. 

So far, three more waves of collectors have been admitted to participate in the NFL All Day pack drops, the latest on January 5, with more expected to be added incrementally.

Let’s take a look inside NFL All Day and what we’ve experienced in closed beta during Series 1 so far. You can always find the latest updates on the NFL All Day Discord, or Twitter.

NFL All Day Packs NFL NFT Dapper Labs
Packs sold after Week 14 of the NFL season on NFL All Day

The First NFL All Day Packs

The first drop happened the same day of the product’s beta launch — Week 13 Standard packs at $49, and premium pack releasing at a $249. About five hundred packs were made available for the first drop, with the vast majority of the total supply of this first pack being held for the public. 

Since then, All Day has hosted two more pack drops for Week 14 packs, a standard and a common drop. More packs were available in this drop, including a Standard pack for all beta users. So far, it appears packs will be released on a weekly basis, looking back on the week of games that just concluded.

Within these packs, the Moments are already split into sets. So you can get Moments from a rare Special Edition “Afterburners” set — dedicated to breakaway speed — in the weekly packs.

What’s inside NFL All Day Packs?

The NFL All Day packs are similar to what Dapper has done with NBA Top Shot — each loaded with collectible Moments. But there are some aspects that make the NFL All Day pack experience unique.

Mainly, in All Day packs you can get a rare Moment from a standard pack, or a legendary in a premium pack. Here’s how it broke down in the Week 14 packs.

Premium Packs: 4 Moments – 3 Common Moments, 1 Rare or Legenday Moment (95 percent Rare/5 percent Legendary)

Standard Packs: 3 Moments – 72.4% all 3 Common Moments; 27.4% 2 Common and 1 Rare Moments; .2% 2 Common and 1 Legendary

Pack Contents from a Week 13 Standard Pack on NFL All Day

This type of mechanic has long been asked for from the Top Shot community; now Dapper Labs has decided to implement this much desired feature in NFL All Day. This change — whether intentional or not — is a move more towards the way physical trading cards work. Usually, in a pack of traditional sports collectible cards ther is a small chance to pull something more rare.

NFL All Day Sets in Series 1

As of now, there have been no pack drops dedicated to special sets, as there is on Top Shot. So far, the All Day beta drops have highlighted the most recent week of games, with highlights placed into certain sets. 

Currently in Top Shot, if you want to get a “Fresh Threads” moment, for example, you need to buy the specific pack which promises you a moment from that set. NFL All Day will instead randomly have cards from various sets available in all packs.

NFL All Day packs are also the first on-chain packs from Dapper, which will allow them to be traded on a pack marketplace when the time comes. 

Special Edition Sets in Series 1

Currently there are three special edition common sets in the closed beta, so if you get a base pack you might pull a common from the standard base set, or you might get a moment from He Called Game, Make the Stop, or Move the Chains. All of which have unique play types related to the set theme.

More discussion on NFL All Day Sets on Shot Talkin’ NFL Show.

There are similar sets in the Rare and Legendary sets which can be seen within the NFL All Day Discord. A few of these are the “Showtime” Rare set, which features celebrations, and the “Hoodwinked” Legendary set which features trick plays. It’s possible to get these Moments in any pack released on NFL All Day so far.

These special edition sets were discussed on the weekly Shot Talkin’ NFL All Day show.

More discussion on NFL All Day Sets on Shot Talkin’ NFL Show.

This all adds randomness to the All Day experience. You do not know what you’re going to get. We’ve already started to see common packs produce rare moments on the Shot Talkin’ NFL show and the enjoyment it creates. Will this added randomness make packs all the more desired on a marketplace? Time will tell.

What’s Coming to NFL All Day

After the recent holiday break, it seems likely that we’re going to see weekly NFL All Day pack drops every week through the end of the season. Though, we may see things switch up once we hit the NFL Playoffs.

There’s no word on a release of the NFL All Day marketplace at this point, but we’re hopeful that we may see something around the end of the season. In fact, there’s a lot that’s unknown right now — but we’ll keep you updated from NFL All Day Beta on the Shot Talkin’ Twitter feed.

Dapper looks as though they are ramping up the NFL All Day audience with a good pace, and should continue to add to the NFL digital collecting experience along the way. See you in the future pack queues! 

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