How to Make the Most of NFT Discord Servers

How to Make the Most of NFT Discord Servers

by corporate trash


If you’re new to the NFT space, you may also be new to using Discord. Discord is an app on desktop, web, and mobile that connects like-minded people with live chat via text, video, and voice, and almost every NFT project has one.

Joining a Discord server can be overwhelming at first with all the channels to choose from, a variety of roles, the lightning-speed chats, and the endless notifications. We’ll show you how to make Discord your friend instead of your enemy on your NFT journey.

Getting Started on an NFT Discord Server

You can normally find links to an NFT project’s official Discord server on their official Twitter account, OpenSea, or website. Beware of links to fake servers that try to reel you in with scam links — always verify the servers you’re joining.

When you join a server, you’ll normally need to agree to rules before you can post. This can be with an emoji reaction or other checkbox. This is to make sure everyone is on the same page about what you can and cannot say in the server.

In the red box on the left of the server (shown below), you’ll see all of the text chat channels available to you. Near the top are usually frequently asked questions, official links, and a history of the project. This is a great place to start, especially if you are researching a new project.

NFT Discord Servers - Cool Cats

In the middle, you can see a channel called Announcements. This is an important channel as it conveys the latest project news to the community. While you can also sometimes find this information on Twitter, many projects opt to post most of their news through their announcements channel. You can browse this announcements channel to see what has been happening lately with the project, without digging into every channel of the Discord. 

Near the bottom of the channel menu, you can see a channel called General. Almost every Discord server has this chat, where you can say hello and start to get involved in the project’s community. If it’s not called general, there’s always one “main” chat for a Discord.

Edit your NFT Discord Notifications

Notifications can be the most overwhelming part of Discord, especially as you join more servers. The first thing that will help with this is to go to Discord > Preferences (top left on the Desktop app, next to the server name) > Privacy and Safety > turn off Allow direct messages from server members.

Discord DMs are often from scammers and contain malicious links. This option stops these from getting to you and is recommended for all servers.

Turn Discord DMs off

In Preferences > Notifications, you will also see many options that apply to all the servers you’re in. You can turn off badges, desktop, and mobile notifications.

Edit your Discord notifications settings

In addition to these settings, you can also set up notifications server by server. You can do this by using the drop down menu in the top lefthand corner and going to Notification settings for the entire server. Or, click the bell inside a certain channel, and select how you want to be notified. 

In a majority of the servers that I’m in, I turn off all mobile notifications, and only turn on desktop notifications for the Announcements channel. This makes it less overwhelming. 

NFT Discord Roles

One of the most useful parts of Discord are the various roles that the project’s moderator team can set up in their server. Roles can allow for special channel access, whitelist access, OG status, or just turn your username a different color for fun. 

To check what roles you or anyone else has in a server, type in a channel and click your username. It will show you your roles. The Discord moderator decides which is used for the dominant color in your username. 

NFT Discord Collab.Land: Proof of Ownership

A popular service that is used for Ethereum NFT verification inside Discord is Collab.Land. This way, a Discord server can verify whether you own the NFT or not. Please note that you will never receive DMs from them unless you submit for verification. Bad actors imitate Collab.Land often in search of seed phrases and wallet access. 

In the Cool Cats server, for example, you can use the cat-verify channel to gain the Cool Cat Owner role. Many other Discord servers have similar channels with a “verify” name”.  Always check to make sure this is the verified Collab Land bot, by checking for the “✔️ BOT”.

It will take you to a page where you connect your NFT wallet, and a few minutes later your applicable role(s) will appear in that server.

Once you verify, this often opens up secret owners-only channels or provides other benefits, like access to giveaways.

NFT Discord Organization

It seems like every NFT project has a Discord server, so the more you join, the faster your server list will grow. You may reach 100 servers faster than you think! Luckily, you can drag your Discord servers into folders in order to keep them more organized. 

On mobile or desktop, just drag the server icons on the left on top of each other to create a new folder. Right click on the folder to name it whatever you’d like. This organization method helps me prioritize servers so that I can find what I’m looking for faster. 

Organize NFT discord servers with folders
Use folders to organize your Discord servers.

Right-clicking on the server icon will also bring up other convenient options, such as mark as read, leave server, mute server and more. 

Discord is free for up to 100 servers, but you can join up to 200 servers (wow!) with Discord Nitro, a paid subscription. You can read about additional Nitro benefits here.

NFT Discord Status Setting

On Discord, you can see when people are online, idle, or if they don’t want to be disturbed. This setting is available for you to set in the bottom lefthand corner. You can also make the setting invisible, which means that you won’t appear online at all. 

Discord Status Setting

If you need to copy your unique Discord username – including the identifying numbers at the end of it – simply click your username as shown in this menu, and it will copy it to the clipboard.

Summary to Manage NFT Discords

Joining Discord servers is a necessary part of joining the NFT space. Discord can be extremely helpful to connect with other collectors, build community, and get the latest information. It’s also a great mobile app to have available on the go, so that you can stay connected. 

While Discord can be overwhelming at first, there are many ways to optimize your experience. It helps to know where to go at first when you join a server, and how to gain special owner roles. Reducing the amount of DMs and notifications is also key to keeping your Discord sanity.  

By utilizing the powerful features Discord has already built-in, you’ll be well on your way to having an edge in a 24/7 space that moves at the speed of light.

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