How I Started an Axie Infinity Scholarship Program in a Week

How I Started an Axie Infinity Scholarship Program in a Week

byCorporate Trash


Diving into Axie Infinity can be intimidating. With different levels of gameplay, breeding, land, and item sales, it takes hours of research to figure out where to start. Like many other NFT collectors, my goal was to invest in some Axies, as it’s positioned to be the leader of the play-to-earn revolution. For me, building out a small Axie scholarship program was the best way to get involved. 

By creating Axie scholarships, you can gain relatively passive income off of the in-game tokens earned from your scholars playing the game. After a few days of deep research into Axie Infinity, I felt confident enough to get started with my own scholarship program. 

If you’re looking for my beginner’s guide to Axie Infinity, you can read it here on MomentRanks.

What are Axie Infinity Scholars?

Axie scholars are other people that play Axie Infinity with Axies you own in order to earn in-game tokens. You lend your Axies out for gameplay only, while still retaining ownership of the Axies.

Many people are choosing the scholarship route in order to gain relatively passive income off of the Axies they have invested in. Buying a starting team of three Axies to start earning can be a relatively expensive investment, so scholarships bring the game to more people. 

Once you have loaned your Axies, Scholars cannot sell your Axies, breed your Axies, or withdraw their earnings from gameplay. All of this is set up to be tied back to the Axie owners’ Ronin wallet, making the Axie owner responsible for running their own program. 

Scholars can be based anywhere in the world, but the Philippines in particular has shown high interest in play-to-earn games. In the Philippines, Axie has positively impacted many lives and given people new ways to earn a living.

Most scholars are or quickly become very good at playing the game, especially if you provide high-quality Axies for them to battle with. When scholars play, they earn Smooth Love Potion (SLP), which can be swapped for Ethereum or many different currencies, or used in-game for breeding. 

Most scholars start out in Adventure mode, but pivot to PVP (or player vs. player), where you can usually earn more SLP. Scholars also complete daily quests for more tokens. 

Picking Axies to Buy

I won’t get into the details of selecting your first three Axies here — stay tuned to MomentRanks for more on that, but there are endless YouTube resources for this. Just be sure your Axies are near 100 percent purity and virgin (or no breeds), with strong parts to defeat your opponents. Your Axies should complement each other in battle. 

Although this can be a big investment up-front (anywhere from 1 to more than 1.5 Ethereum), it will pay itself back eventually, depending on your strategy. Scholars can help you stay on a consistent schedule of earning each day.

Select your Battle Strategy 

The usual way to approach scholarships is to use your three strong Axies to breed highly pure Axies, which you then give to your scholars to play. You can also buy Axies from the marketplace instead. Each scholar needs three Axies to battle, and at the time of this post it costs 2 AXS plus some SLP to breed an Axie. 

Check out this video for this “infinite breeding loop” method of playing Axies, which is an easy way to get started.

A word to the wise: don’t skimp on your first three Axies, or your offspring purity will suffer fast, making them less effective and less valuable. I learned this the hard way as I made it through about four breeding rounds before I stopped. You don’t want to give bad Axies to your scholars as they won’t be able to earn much SLP, no matter how good they are at the game. Set your scholars up for success and you’ll all win. 

Setting up Axie Scholar Accounts

The best resource I found to set up Axie accounts is from Method to the Mythos on YouTube.

There are a few steps involved; basically, you need to set up Ronin accounts (with their own unique emails and passwords) for each of your scholars. 

Then, you gift (send) the Axies to those accounts — still tied to your main Ronin wallet. Your scholars log in with these unique emails and passwords, which allows them to play your Axies without actually owning them.  

It’s a good idea to set up all your accounts before onboarding your scholars, and be sure to keep a Google Sheet with emails, passwords, and Axie types to stay organized on which scholar owns what. 

What to Look for in an Axie Infinity Scholar

Selecting scholars is subjective, but there are a few things you should look out for when picking your Axie scholars. 

  1. Are they experienced in playing video games?
  2.  Which device will they play on (mobile or PC)? 
  3. Do they have a stable internet connection? 
  4. Do they have a Ronin wallet set up? 
  5. Do they know how to play Axie Infinity? Many new scholars won’t know too much about playing Axie, but you can also ask how familiar they are with the game. 

You can find scholars on Discord and Twitter for free. Many have been waiting weeks if not months to get a chance at a scholarship. As of publishing, there is a huge supply of people waiting for a chance from all over the world.. 

I chose to join a small Discord of other scholarship owners, which already had a strong pipeline of scholars available. I paid a small fee to have my own channel in the Discord for my team, and source scholars from there. This is an alternate way to find scholars. 

Onboarding your Axie Scholars

While you don’t have to know how to play Axie Infinity well to onboard scholars, it can help, depending on the other resources you have. 

The Discord I joined uses the fee I paid to pay a moderator for my channel. These mods are experienced Axie scholars who understand onboarding and the game — far more than I do. My moderator sources scholars, and I choose to onboard them.

My onboarding flow is done via Discord DM in real-time, and generally follows this sequence:

Finding an Axie Scholar Step-by-Step

  • Short questionnaire with some scholar screening questions
  • Scholarship expectations, details, SLP payment dates, and terms of cancellation 
  • Once they agree, confirm their name and their Ronin wallet address (for future SLP payment)
  • Send account login info, this video link and info on how to download Axie Infinity on Android
  • Add them to the team Discord, and let them know if they have questions or issues to contact me or the channel moderator

So far, this has worked out really well for me. Everybody has a different onboarding flow and scholarship setup, so find what works best for you and your prospective scholars. 

Getting Started after Onboarding an Axie Scholar

I use in order to keep track of my team of scholar’s SLP earnings. This tool is free and evolving, but it does a great job of helping me understand how much everyone is earning. I also check in with the team on Discord often to see how everyone is doing and offer encouragement and help.

Something unexpected occurred soon after I began: the 150 SLP daily requirement I had turned challenging after Axie Infinity made several changes to how much SLP you could earn in Adventure mode. 

With this, I worked with my moderator and talked to other owners to see how they modified their requirement so that it was fair. I lowered my requirement to 115 SLP a day, although many scholars do outperform that.

It is important that you remain active and at least somewhat engaged with your scholars, and even more important that you communicate about SLP distribution timing and do it promptly. My first distribution of SLP to my scholars will be in a few days.  

Recap: How to Get Started with Axie Scholars

I’ve learned a lot in my first week having Axie scholars, and it’s been a lot of fun. Here are the main things to consider as you start your own program.

  • Get organized and have a game plan. Keep a spreadsheet of which Axies your scholars have, their Ronin wallet info, the email and password for the account, etc. Get your onboarding flow together. Use to monitor SLP earnings and calculate ROI for your strategy. 
  • Don’t skimp on your first three Axies. If your goal is to breed and give them to scholars to earn SLP, be very intentional with getting the purest Axies you can. The purity of the offspring will remain strong so they can perform well in the game. 
  • Stay engaged. Whether you have a manager or moderator for your team or if it’s just you, don’t forget to help your scholars when they need it and always encourage them.
  • Remain flexible. The gameplay SLP earnings have recently changed, and breeding has gone from 4 AXS to 2. Axie Infinity is in alpha, and the game will continue to evolve as they work on the economics. Make sure you can keep up and change your strategy accordingly. 

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If you’re looking for a beginner’s guide to Axie Infinity, you can read it here on MomentRanks.