Cool Pets by Cool Cats NFT: Pre-Minting Explainer

Cool Pets by Cool Cats NFT: Pre-Minting Explainer

by Strobe


After months of hype and waiting, the Cool Pets are finally coming to the Cool Cats Universe on January 31. The beloved blue cats are getting some company as another adorable creation of Clon — the artist behind Cool Cats — is joining the party.

For those who don’t know, Cool Cats minted in the summer of 2021 at a humble .02 ETH price. All they’ve done since is pass a floor of 10 ETH, formed an inclusive, thriving community, and been adopted by influencers and celebrities around the world. 

Cool Pets are the first generative NFT release from the Cool Cats team since its initial mint of 9,999 Cool Cats.

What are Cool Pets NFT?

Cool Pets are the companions of Cool Cats. Think the doggos that Bored Apes got. Except, Pets will be interactive, rather than a static NFT. When the pets are minted, they will be eggs.

Over time, the pets will grow and become stronger based on how you treat them and items you equip them with. The Pets will have four stages: Egg, Hatching, Hatched, and Final Form. Advancing your Cool Pet from one stage to the other will require a certain amount of interactions with the in-game items you buy with your $MILK. 

Your Cool Pet will gain one of four elements based on the items it’s equipped with before it hatches: Water, Fire, Air, and Grass. 

Cool Pets NFT Stages: Eggs and Final Form

Cool Pets will also factor into the lore of the Cool Cats Universe and be involved in the story moving forward. These cute creatures seem perfect for an animated series if you ask me. Your move, Disney.   

Cool Pets NFT four elements

The Cool Pets Minting Details

There will be a total of 19,999 Cool Pets to be minted starting on January 31 (note: originally, minting was slated for January 28, but was delayed). For each Cool Cat owned, you will be able to claim one Cool Pet for free, and then there will be another 10,000 for non-cat owners. 

Here are the updated Cool Pets minting dates:

  • January 31st, 10 a.m. EST: Cool Cats can claim Cool Pets
  • January 31st, 11 a.m. EST: Allowlist Cool Pets minting starts (will run for 24 hours)
  • February 1: 2-hour rest for Cool Cats staff
  • February 1, 1 p.m. EST: Public minting starts for Cool Pets

Most of that second batch of 10,000 Pets will be distributed to those who made it on the allowlist via giveaways and raffles across NFT communities, such as Doodles, World of Women, Little Lemon Friends, and many others. The second 10,000 Pets will cost .5 ETH to mint, and each allowlist spot is good for only one mint. 

Compared to the public mint of Mutant Apes (starting at 3 ETH), this price comes in far lower, and comes with the opportunity to earn $MILK.

After the allowlist is closed, the rest of the Pets will be available for anyone to purchase in a public sale after allowlist window is closed. Pets will be able to be minted directly on the Cool Cats website.

Fire Element Cool Pets NFT

The Utility for Cool Pets: Cool Pets Game

These pets do more than just look cute. By using your Cool Pets to complete quests you can earn $MILK. $MILK will be the token or currency of the Cool Cats economy.

The Cool Pets will earn $MILK tokens on Polygon to be used in-game to purchase items for your pets, but the Polygon $MILK tokens can be converted to $MILK on Ethereum. 

Cool Pets Quests

Each pet can complete up to 25 quests a day. I like that there is a cap so no one can grind them all day every day to earn even more $MILK. There will be multiple rarities of quests as well ranging from common to legendary with scaling rewards. 

If you don’t have time to quest, you can stake your pets to passively earn some $MILK via the Adventurers Guild. This will allow people who don’t own Pets to compete quests and earn a portion of the rewards — a la the Axie Infinity scholar program. 

In addition to quests, Cool Cats holders will earn $MILK passively just for owning their Cat.

Cool Pets Items

Lastly, there will be different items available via chests or purchase to use to help your pet grow. Items will be able to be purchased with $MILK These items will affect the element of your Cool Pet and certain items will have more of an influence on the element type than others. The benefits of each element will be revealed in the future.

Thoughts on $MILK: Cool Cats token

As a holder of two Cool Cats, I’m very excited to see how this new $MILK economy goes. Will someone who does all 25 quests a day be able to earn $50-$100 in $MILK, or could it be even more? If $MILK farming is lucrative, especially early in the game, the value of pets could fly.

This being the first major project releasing a token like this is a really cool moment for NFTs, but also very significant, as the success of this project’s token could be indicative of what’s to come. 

It may also give us an idea of what to expect from $APE, the Bored Ape Yacht Club token, although I expect that token to have a wild first few days of trading.

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Disclosure: At the time of writing this article, Strobe owns two Cool Cats.