A Guide to Doodles 2: Expanding the Doodles Universe

A Guide to Doodles 2: Expanding the Doodles Universe

by corporate trash


Doodles is one of the most popular NFT collections on Ethereum, with art by renowned illustrator Burnt Toast (Scott Martin). Now, the Doodles are expanding to new heights with their latest announcement of Doodles 2. After Space Doodles, the collection is set to grow with Dooplicators, Doodles 2, and Doodles 2 wearables via the Genesis Box.

An exciting event at NFT NYC in June 2022 dropped the Doodles 2 alpha, plus a ton of other news. Alexis Ohanian’s fund Seven Seven Six is leading the first private fundraising round for Doodles. 13-time Grammy winner Pharrell Williams will be the Chief Brand Officer and produce music for Doodles. Doodles Records is set to launch in partnership with Columbia Records.

The Pharrell hire was in line with Doodles recent hire of former Billboard president Julian Holguin as CEO, who made the announcement at NFT NYC.

But what exactly are these new expansions to the Doodles NFT ecosystem, and how do Doodles 2 and Doodles work together?

What are Doodles NFTs?

Doodles NFT collection is 10,000 bright cartoon PFPs on Ethereum, created by cofounders Burnt Toast, Poopie (Jordan Castro), and Evan Keast. Burnt Toast (Scott Martin) has previously created art for large companies like Google and Snapchat. Doodles minted out quickly on October 17, 2021, at 0.123 Ethereum each, and quickly rose in floor price since. The current floor price is 13.3 Ethereum.

The Doodles NFT team has been steadily growing since October, and have had large Doodle-fied activations at events like Art Basel Miami, SXSW, and NFT NYC 2022. The community of over 5,000 holders has grown steadily as the colorful cartoons and playful traits speak to their unique personalities.

What is Doodles 2?

Doodles 2 was announced during NFT NYC week in June 2022, at a keynote event followed by a private performance from The Chainsmokers. Doodles 2 is described by the team as: “A dynamic NFT where you can change your look as often as you like. Full body or [profile picture]. Animated with original music. The perfect shareable NFT built to represent YOU.”

This is the next level of expansion to the massively popular Doodles NFT collection. The supply is unknown, but “millions” should be created, according to the slide deck. It is meant to scale the brand to many more people and make it more accessible.

Along with that, Doodles 2 will not be on the Ethereum mainnet blockchain. The team has not yet announced what blockchain it will be on, but Poopie said they prefer “layer ones”, causing many to speculate that Flow could be the choice for the former CryptoKitties team members (Evan and Poopie).

OG Doodle traits will be brought into the Doodles 2 universe via the Dooplicator, which can “doop” OG traits. But Genesis Boxes will expand on the existing Doodles traits for Doodles 2, so we can expect many new Doodles 2 wearables and traits.

In addition to Doodles 2, Spaces Doodles V2 was announced during the keynote at NFT NYC as well. There isn’t much known about it yet, but it was said that “a world for your ships, planets, and portals is coming.”

What are Dooplicators?

Dooplicators were a free claim for Doodles NFT owners, which began on May 12, 2022 and ended on June 21, 2022. There are 9,375 Dooplicators, making them more rare than Doodles — the remaining 625 will never be claimed. The traits were revealed on June 23.

There are three rarity levels for Dooplicators: Rare (1,040), Common (2,085), and Very Common (6,250).

Doodles described a Dooplicator as “A super-powered device that will allow collectors to bring the rarest OG traits into Doodles 2.” Your choices are to “Doop,” Hold, Barter, or Sell. Beyond Doodles 2, there will be additional utility for Dooplicators. You can also pay an OG Doodle holder to “dooplicate” their wearables.

The team has said that you don’t need to own a Doodles to take advantage of having a Dooplicator. Dooplicating begins in late Summer 2022 — exact time to be announced.

Doodles Dooplicator NFT

Rare Dooplicators have sold for as high as 10 Ethereum, with the floor currently around 6 Ethereum. The Very Common floor price is 1.9 Ethereum at the time of this post. The biggest holder is Pranksy, a noted NFT collector, who holds 108 of them. Check the price and holders of Dooplicators live on Collective.

What is the Doodles Genesis Box?

The Genesis Box was announced as “1st edition wearables that will seed the wearables economy of Doodles 2, never to be sold again.” These include rare apparel and accessories for Doodles 2.

The first 4,000 Genesis Boxes were minted at an IRL event at NFT NYC for a cost or $123 each, where attendees waited up to four hours in line to mint. The remaining 20,000 were sold via a “bucket auction,” taking place over a 24-hour period online.

The bucket auction was the term coined by Doodles for selling NFTs in a way that’s fair and minimizes gas usage by opening up a window where anyone can bid.

Doodles raised over 10,000 Ethereum with the sale of the Genesis boxes — equivalent to about $11.6 million at the current price. The boxes sold for .508 Ethereum each, but currently sell for .34 Ethereum each on the secondary market. Only about 23 Ethereum in gas fees was used across 6,528 total bidders.

TL;DR — Doodles 2 will Expand on Doodles

Doodles is building out a world using their IP, including music, gaming, animations, consumer products, and much more. With their recent announcements at NFT NYC, Doodles is aiming to onboard new users to their first Web3 experiences.

Doodles NFT Roadmap: Doodles Music
Doodles NFT Ecosystem: The Roadmap

First, there was the Space Doodles experiment, where your Doodle was wrapped into another NFT. Now, Dooplicators and Doodles 2 are another bold experiment in the space, especially with Doodles 2 venturing off of Ethereum. The Doodles community continues to be some of the most vocally supportive and tight NFT groups out there.

It seems the Doodles brand — born from web3 — is just in its first stages.

View the Doodles community on Collective.

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