The Beginner’s Guide to Cooltopia, The Cool Pets NFT Universe

The Beginner’s Guide to Cooltopia, The Cool Pets NFT Universe

by corporate trash


Cool Pets NFTs are the core part of the Cooltopia ecosystem — the play-to-earn game that was created by Cool Cats NFT. Pets are the secondary collection to the adorable Cool Cats project drawn by Clon, which found major success with the NFT community after the Cats launched in 2021.

As many NFT projects aim to deliver on their goals, some are realizing that major roadmap milestones can be difficult to achieve. Cool Cats NFT is considered to be a blue-chip by many in the space, but even they faced issues in the advancement of their roadmap when releasing Cooltopia.

Releasing a game on the Polygon network has proven to be challenging, but after the initial delay, the earliest version of Cooltopia is now up and running smoothly, allowing Pets and Cats to earn $MILK along the way.

Cooltopia Cool Cats NFT Game Home page
Welcome menu for Cooltopia, the Cool Pets NFT game

What is Cooltopia? Cool Cats NFT Game

Cooltopia is the ecosystem that brings together Cool Cats, Cool Pets, and the economy driven by the native token $MILK. At the center of the system is Cool Cats NFT, which enables top-tier access to everything Cooltopia.

The team’s goal is to make it the most “accessible gamified NFT experience.” In the game, Cats and Pets can earn $MILK tokens for participating — Cats earn passively, while Pets earn for going on quests.

Some have compared the simplicity and fun of Cooltopia with games like Pokemon, where you also use cute cartoon animals to go on quests. The development team has rolled out several updates since launch to improve speed and lower the already-low gas fees.

The current state of Cooltopia — which can be visited at — is only a small slice of what the Cool Cats NFT is planning for their ecosystem.

What are Cool Pets NFT?

Cool Pets are a collection of 19,999 NFTs that start as eggs and can be morphed into various stages through Cooltopia. The four elements are Grass, Fire, Water, and Air. The floor for eggs is currently 0.72 Ethereum, but it once reached over 2.5 Ethereum around the time of launch before the price settled.

Cool Pets NFT Marketplace and Rarity
Cool Pets NFT in Final Forms on MomentRanks

About 60 percent of Cool Pet holders do not own a Cool Cat, meaning Cool Pets are their only exposure to the ecosystem.

The Pet launch was on January 31, 2022, and cost 0.5 Ethereum per pet in the public mint. Cool Cats NFT owners were also able to claim one free Cool Pet for each cat they owned.

How to Earn $MILK with Cool Pets

The main source of earning $MILK is by taking your Cool Pets on quests. At the time of this article, Pets are allowed to go on 10 quests a day, earning an average of $13 USD per day (at the current price of $MILK).

Depending on the rarity of the quest, they can earn a wide range of $MILK, from 30 to over 1,000. The quest rarities are Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The $MILK token, which started out at $0.12 at the very beginning of launch, went down to $0.07 for a bit, and is now trading below $0.01.

Only Pets can go on quests, but Cool Cats NFT holders also passively earn $MILK based on the rarity tier of their NFT — the lowest being 1,050 $MILK per day. In the future, these holders can also benefit from staking final-form Cool Pets in The Adventurers’ Guild to earn passive $MILK at a lower rate.

Many Cool Cats and Cool Pets community members have already requested additional utility for $MILK, including secondary NFT marketplace purchases in $MILK, staking, merch purchases, and more. While these aren’t yet confirmed on the roadmap, the Cool Cats team will be searching for ways to improve the Cooltopia ecosystem.

How to Evolve Cool Pets

In Cooltopia, you feed your Cool Pets NFT items that are purchased in $MILK and interact them in order to grow it from an egg to a pet. From egg, to hatching, to hatched, to final form is currently 25 transactions. You can only give a Cool Pet five items per day, since growing a Cool Pet takes time. These items are obtained through the Cool Shop marketplace, or Chests full of items which you can also purchase with $MILK.

Cool Pets NFT Evolution

There are over 17 million unique combinations of Cool Pet traits. The items that are fed or given to Cool Pets determine its final form. Furthermore, the final interaction you give them to reach final form is the most powerful of all. In the future, these elements and combination of elements may have various uses across Cooltopia — but this is still currently unknown. You can also see these levels within final form Pet metadata.

The Cool Pets community has worked together to keep track of what they have fed them to discover which food and items may create each final form. This has led to fun experimentation and speculation within Cooltopia and the Cool Cats NFT Discord.

Future of Cooltopia, the Cool Cats Game

So far, over 1.75 million transactions have happened in Cooltopia, even with rate limiting turned on. This is currently active as a matter of caution, but will eventually wind down where there is no rate limit for users.

In the immediate future, game improvements will include more efficient questing for people with multiple Cool Pets. Later features have been hinted as expanding questing, adding housing, battling (which will take “a while”), crafting, and more.

Cool Pets NFT game Battle
Battle preview on the Cool Cats NFT website.

“What you can see right now is just the tip of the iceberg,” the Cool Cats website reads. “Cooltopia is a sprawling world with many different locations, from Swamps to Deserts [sic] and Villages to Castles.”

The Cool Cats team was called out by many on NFT Twitter for not actively communicating issue status updates to the community when the game was in roll out. Since, they have increased their support channels and transparency.

There is also a bug form for Cooltopia players to fill out if they encounter a new problem. The team’s Town Hall meetings also serve as helpful updates for both Cooltopia and the collections in general.

TL;DR — Cooltopia

After a rocky launch, the Cool Cats team has made incredible progress on Cooltopia, home of the Cool Pets. While Cool Cats NFT will remain the highest-tier collection, Cool Pets offers a lower-cost entry point to an exciting ecosystem.

Evolving Pets and taking them on quests is fun for all ages, and can hopefully bring new people into the NFT space.

As Cooltopia grows, many more blockchain games will inevitably come to the NFT space. Constant innovation and tech improvements will be key to sustain the game and set it apart from others.

This fantastic Dune dashboard by chuxin shows more real-time data about Cooltopia, Cool Pets, and $MILK if you want to dive in deeper. You can research and purchase Cool Cats and Cool Pets on MomentRanks.

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