0N1 Force NFT: All About the Ethereal Enclave

0N1 Force NFT: All About the Ethereal Enclave

by Justin Perri


Known mostly for their appealing low-fi style artwork and homage to Japanese folklore, 0N1 Force is a unique and gorgeously drawn NFT collection. With attention-grabbing art, 0N1 has captured attention from many NFT collectors in the month since its release. 

Released on August 19, 0N1 Force (pronounced OH-nee) has seen impressive volume in secondary sales after an instant sellout. The project currently ranks sixth on OpenSea over the last 30 days, with 32.5K Ethereum traded in that time, with over 4,100 unique holders of the 7777 collectibles.

Let’s get into all we know so far about 0N1 and why it’s captured the attention of NFT collectors.

What’s Special about 0N1 Force?

The first thing you notice when you see an 0N1 as someone’s profile picture is the sharp style of the artwork. Created by IMCMPLX, the hand-drawn, randomly-generated images combine use of a simple color palette, crisp line work, and a streetwear style that is much different that catches your eye. 

The collection is also entirely of the characters’ profile angle, which sets it apart from many front-facing profile-picture projects. The side-profile angle alone adds to the artwork’s distinct personality. 

Plus, the team continually is working on and slowly divulging their long-term roadmap for 0N1 Force.

The 0N1 Force Story

The cultural milieu of 0N1 Force is also a bit different than what you usually find in generative NFT projects. When you visit the website you are greeted by a story of a once peaceful life for the 0N1’s in their homeland of the Ethereal Enclave. 

However, in the Enclave, their status quo of everlasting life and peace was disrupted by the sudden death of their Emperor, sending the entire 0N1verse into disarray as death promised by a ticking clock of 7,777 hours descends upon the once blissful world.

From here, a tale of survival is built. Not necessarily by the team leads or the project developers, but by the community itself. 

A Story built by the 0N1 Force Community

If you spend time in the 0N1 Force Discord you will find passionately dedicated fans of the collection interacting with one another in a written role playing game. In this RPG, the NFTs they own become the main characters of the story. 

Users interact with one another, depicting their challenges and successes in this imaginary world through impressively written bits of an ever-growing and evolving story. 

The dark and dystopian environment that the societal collapse in the 0N1verse has bred is now the creative playground for anyone who owns one of these NFTs and wants to contribute. 

This potential to create and play out your own story around the character you’ve purchased has helped to create one of the more passionate NFT communities. While researching this article, it was the level of depth and commitment to lore and development of stories that was most impressive about ON1 Force.

Creating Clans in the 0N1 Universe

No matter which of the three societal, rarity-based clans your 0N1 comes from, any holder can partake in adding to the dark world in which the characters attempt to survive. Along the way, owners make friends in the community with those who share interest in this type of game and writing style as entertainment. 

0N1 feels like a cross between text-based video games, such as The Oregon Trail, and Dungeons and Dragons. You essentially become your character as you try to make ends of the collapse of the Ethereal Enclave, building off the creative additions that your counterparts have added and journeying through adventures how you see fit.

Character Building with an NFT Project

This collection demonstrates just another of the limitless potentials that NFTs can create. We’ve seen massive successes in role playing games across many other spaces. That’s why it wouldn’t be surprising if other NFTs attempt to replicate this environment where people can fully embrace, shape, and become their own character in a fantastical world. 

0N1 Force has essentially pioneered this type of interaction, and when reading the stories that users have created, it is easy to see the power behind owners who can create their own world.

You can purchase 0N1 Forces on the secondary market on OpenSea.

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